Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms and Causes

  What is Vitamin A Deficiency?

 Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.  It is considered a very important vitamin for the development of the body.  Along with fighting infection, it helps in keeping bones, teeth, skin, tissues, etc. healthy.

 A balanced amount of all the nutrients in the body is essential for better health and a happy life.  For this, a nutritious diet is needed.  After all, these essential nutrients are fulfilled only through food items.  If there is a deficiency or excess of any one of these nutrients, then gradually many physical problems start surrounding the human being.  One of these nutrients is vitamin A.  In this article on Stylecrase, you will get to know the sources of Vitamin A, the benefits of Vitamin A, and many important things related to the deficiency of Vitamin A.


 Vitamin A deficiency causes:

 The biggest cause of vitamin A deficiency is malnutrition.  Those who consume fewer animal products (milk products or meat-fish or eggs) in the diet are at risk of vitamin A deficiency.  Vitamin A is found in abundance in animal foods and some vegetables.

 Mother’s milk contains sufficient amounts of vitamin A for newborns.  Children of mothers who do not or cannot breastfeed their babies are at risk of vitamin A deficiency.

 If a pregnant or lactating woman is deficient in vitamin A, then the newborn baby is also prone to vitamin A deficiency.

 Vitamin A deficiency is also caused by frequent urination.  TB, Urine Infection (UTI), Cancer, Pneumonia, and Kidney Infections can cause frequent urination.

 Vitamin A deficiency can also occur due to liver disease affecting the ability to store vitamin A.


 Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency:

 Having weak teeth.

 • Feeling tired.

 • Grow dry hair.

 • Persistence of dry skin all the time.

 • Get sinus.

 • Frequent diarrhea (chronic diarrhea)

 • getting pneumonia.

 • Recurrence of cold and flu.


 • Weight Loss

 • sleeplessness

 Night Blindness: Difficulty in seeing at night.

 • Eye irritation

 • The physical development of children may stop.

 • No tears in the eyes

 • chapped lips

 • Rash in the mouth

 • Upper/lower respiratory tract infection.

 • Slow and slow wound healing.


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