Viral Fever – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention


What is viral fever?

   Viral fever is caused by a type of very microbe virus, in which the patient suddenly has a very high fever.  It is also commonly called seasonal fever.  The patient has a very severe headache in it.  There are complaints of pain in the extremities.  The patient suffers from a lot of weakness.  The patient has a cough and a burning sensation in the eyes.  The patient experiences a lot of discomforts.

 Symptoms of viral fever:

 The patient suddenly has a high fever.

 The patient’s body temperature ranges from 105 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

 The patient has a headache.

 The patient complains of pain in the arms and legs.

 The patient feels weakness.

 Some patients have abdominal pain.

 There is a sore throat in the patient.

 Rohi complains of cold cough.

 Eye irritation.

 Appetite decreases.

 Vomiting occurs.

 Viral fever causes swelling in the lungs.

 Heart muscle swells.


 Causes of viral fever:

    Viral fever is caused by a very microscopic virus. When the patient laughs or learns, the virus spreads to the air and reaches the cells through breath in nearby individuals.  The virus remains located after reaching the body and increases its number and captures the person.  People who go more in crowded places have viral fever soon.  People whose immune system is very weak, this virus catches them very soon.  People living in theaters, schools, hotels, buses, trains or in a crowded place easily succumb to the disease.

 Complications of viral fever:

   The main complication of this disease is pneumonia.  In which swelling occurs in the lungs of the patient.  In such a patient, fever becomes more intense.  The patient has a lot of cough.  There is problem in breathing.  Patient has chest pain, some patients

 The nails turn blue.  This can be a serious sign.  In some patients, chronic lung disease or kidney disease is already present or those who have diabetes or diabetes, viral fever or any other infection, diabetes patients may have control over it.  Such patients should be more careful and see a doctor immediately if you feel even more weakness.  Pain occurs in the upper abdomen due to swelling on the mucous membrane of the stomach.  The patient vomits.  The patient’s appetite decreases.



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