vincent’s angina symotoms and causes

  What is vincent’s angina?

    It is an infectious disease that starts around the teeth and in the upper part of the gums.  This disease can multiply and destroy all teeth and gums.  If it is enlarged, it can spread to the throat. The specialty of this disease is that this disease starts in new places in the gums.  Sometimes this disease spreads to the floor of the mouth.  It is a terribly painful disease.  Blood increases when the patient is enlarged.  The patient gets mental distractions.


 Reasons for Vincent’s angina:

 The main cause of this disease is a germ called spirochaetes Vincenzo and bacillus fusiformis.  The disease spreads easily from one person to another.

 Due to the accumulation of food particles in the mouth.

 Not following the rules of mouth health.

 The infection of the disease is caused by the use of a glass of water, etc.

 No food poetic.

 Food not properly combined with the body

 This disease also occurs in smokers.

 Infection can occur in any person’s mouth.

 Lack of blood in the body.

 Diseases are said to be debilitating due to which the immune system of the body decreases and invites the attack of microbes.


 Signs of Vincent’s angina:

 The disease starts slowly, it can also happen that there is nothing to complain about other than glands in the throat.

 Headache occurs at the beginning of the disease.

 There is a mild fever.

 The organism is dirty.

 Decreases the appetite.

 There may be backache.

 Bad smells on the breath.

 On the side where there is a disease in the tonsils, the tonsil gland on that side increases and it hurts on touching.

 There is a pain in the throat.

 There is difficulty in swallowing food.

 There is a special type of mental distraction.

 Blood can come out.

 The saliva secretes from the mouth in excess.


 On the first day, pus accumulates on the tonsil.  On the second day, the membrane becomes c.  There is a wound under it.  This Delhi becomes thick and soft on the third day.  This membrane is brownish-brown, yellow, or green in color.  The membrane is easily removed and crumbles upon removal.  The wound on the tonsils below it.  In which blood comes out from place to place.  The membrane is regenerated upon removal.  The membrane stops forming in 10 days and the patient slowly recovers.

 In this disease, the patient should make good arrangements for purification of the mouth, the patient should gargle about 3% of the oxide on hydrogen after 3 hours.  Apply 10% chromic acid twice a day to the gums and reduce the dirt by bringing oxide on hydrogen.  Apart from this, put the pot of chlorate in the mouth and allow it to slowly suck and dissolve.  6 such tablets can be used daily.


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