Top 6 Migraine home remedies

Migraine home remedies –
 Although headache is a common disease that soon resolves migraine headaches are unbearable.  Neurological disorders are one of the main causes of migraine headaches.  Sound, light, vomiting, and pain in the center of the head are its main symptoms.  Some home remedies to stop migraine pain.  1 – Mint oil-   This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can give you relief from headaches.  Keeping a few drops of this on the tongue and applying some massage on your head provides relief from migraine.  2 – Relax  Meditation is very effective in relieving headaches.  Meditation will be the best way to treat migraine.  3 – Ice Pack  Take a piece of ice in a pack and keep it in place for headaches.  Ice has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve headaches.  If you want, you can also make a pack of some other cold things.  4 – Vitamin B intake  Brain disorders that are the main cause of migraine are often caused by vitamin B deficiency.  Consuming vitamin B-rich foods can relieve headaches.  Include vitamin B-rich foods in your diet to prevent migraines.

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