Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and causes

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and causes –

Alzheimer's disease symptoms and causes
Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and causes

What is Alzheimer’s disease?    

  It is a disease in which brain function is reduced.  Alzheimer’s disease is dangerous in old age.  This disease is dangerous because once the brain cells begin to burn.  He ends up taking the patient’s life.  The diagnosis and treatment of this disease is also serious challenge for medical science today.  It is a painful disease of old age.  In this, the patient becomes helpless, the support of others is required, and sometimes the patient does not have self-care.

 Causes of Alzheimer’s: disease      

The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not yet fully known.  But scientists believe that through a complex process, many components of the environment affect the chromosomes and cause diseases by changing them.  In individuals who have altered chromosomes, mild brain disease, physical illness, injury, mental disease, anesthesia or mental stress can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.  Such people who go into depression due to some mental trauma also get this disease.  It has often been found that the chances of getting a disease increase after the death of a life partner in old age.

 Development of disease:      

 Loss of intelligence and brain functioning is a common problem in old age.  This condition is called dementia.  There can be many reasons for a lack of intelligence and memory, but the main cause is Alzheimer’s disease.  The number of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is increasing all over the world due to increasing age and increasing percentage of elderly in the population.  When the disease gets aggravated, patients become a burden on the family and society, often people call these patients eccentric or insane.

 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

 1- First stage of the disease:  

   In the initial stage of the disease, the mental state is somewhat disturbed.  As a result of which there is a decrease in work capacity.  The patient is not able to learn new tasks.  They are unable to remember current events but retain their old memory.  Patients often forget that they have eaten or not eaten today.  The patient often refuses to recognize even those with information.  

2 – Second stage of the disease –    

  Disease increases rapidly and reduces memory power more.  Changes occur in the person.  The patient has difficulty in eating, drinking, and even walking on the hands and feet.  The patient is unable to use the correct word at the right time.  In the beginning, he tries to say his thoughts on a topic by turning around.  The patient speaks the words made by himself. The patient feels stiffness in the hands and feet, due to which it becomes difficult for the patient to walk.  The patient’s memory becomes so weak that he forgets his own name.

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 3 – Last stage of the disease:    

 In this state, the patient stops moving and does not answer anything, does not even start talking.  The stool can be urinated on the bed itself.  Others do not eat the food themselves, others have to be fed by hand.

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