Stomatitis Causes and Symptoms

 What is stomatitis?

    This is a disease that causes immense pain to the patient in eating, drinking, and speaking.  The patient suffers a lot due to this disease, sometimes the patient gets bored with his life because of this disease because eating and drinking are the essential dosages of life.  In this disease, the membrane inside the mouth becomes swollen and blisters also occur.  In this disease, there are blisters on the walls of the tongue and cheeks inside the mouth of the patient, there is a lot of pain in these barks.  There is a lot of problem with eating and drinking.  As soon as the spicy chili spicy material comes, the patient wakes up in pain.


 Causes of stomatitis:

 Eating more spicy food.

 Blisters also occur in the mouth due to a lack of vitamin B and vitamin C.

 Mouth blisters occur when the immune system becomes weak.

 Due to an infection on the feeding bottle.

 People who smoke in large amounts also get blisters in the mouth.

 Excess intake of medicines containing phosphorus.

 In the case of children’s teeth, they also get blisters in the mouth.

 Infection of measles etc. is also the reason.

 This disease also occurs due to infection in the blood.

 Such a person who lives in slums and slums, such a person also gets this disease.

 Lack of nutrients in food is also a major cause of this disease.

 Individuals who consume high amounts of sugar.

 Such people whose teeth are not clean, due to this, there is an infection in teeth.

 Acidity is also a main cause of this disease.

 People who do not clean their mouth properly, such a person also gets this disease.

 People who consume a lot of substances like betel leaf, tobacco, etc. get this disease mainly.

 Consuming hot beverages.

 If there is not enough mineral in the food with vitamin, this disease occurs.

 Symptoms of stomatitis:

 Bad breath.

 The organism turns red.

 Gums swell.

 Saliva keeps flowing.

 There is a problem with eating food.

 Restlessness persists.

 There is no mind in any work.

 Hot food is also difficult to put in the mouth.

 Burning in the mouth.

 Spicy bitter food is not eaten at all.

 The patient is unable to eat enough food.

 Blisters occur on the tongue and cheeks.

 Blisters are painful.

 Wherever there is mucus membrane, it becomes blisters.

 Redness occurs in the mouth.

 In this disease, the digestive activity of the patient gets deteriorated.  The patient either complains of constipation or starts having diarrhea.  The stool also becomes stiff.  The patient keeps spitting again and again.  Along with these symptoms, the patient has problems like weakness, dizzy fever, etc.  Negligence reduces the patient’s weakness and ability to eat.

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