Skin Infection symptoms and causes

 What is a skin infection?

 Skin infection is mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi and can affect any part of the body.  This infection usually begins after a cut, scratch, or injury to the skin.  If there is a cut or scratch on the skin, you may have a skin infection.  Some of the main causes of skin cuts or scratches can be, such as injury to a sharp-edged metal on the skin, tattooing, piercing the ears or nose, stinging an insect, or biting an animal.  When your skin is infected, then you start having symptoms like skin irritation, redness, itching or emitting, etc.


 Types of skin infections:

 Fungal infection:

 athlete’s foot.

 yeast infection.


 nail fungus.

 Mouth ulcer.


 Bacterial infection:






 Parasitic infection:





 Viral infection:

 Chicken Pox.




 Diseases on the hands, feet, and mouth.


 Causes of skin infection:

 Sharing a towel or a toothbrush with someone.

 At the time of coughing or sneezing, small droplets of water are released into the air and it reaches the breath of another person’s body.

 When in close contact with the skin.

 Infections can occur if there is a bite on the skin or an insect bite.

 Many times, skin infections like bacteria occur in your skin due to bacteria or environmental bacteria.  This infection is small, and is cured with rest, but sometimes it becomes big and serious.  In such a situation, sometimes it spreads to other parts of the body or blood.

 If your immune system is weak, then you are at increased risk of getting a bacterial infection.

 Your immune system can also be weakened due to a disease or as a side effect of a medicine.

 Causes of diabetes.

 People who are older.

 Persons suffering from malnutrition.

 Reasons for treatment by chemotherapy.

 Due to a kidney problem.

 Once a blood infection occurs.


 Symptoms of skin infection:

 Itching occurs on the skin.

 The crust settles on the skin.

 Pimples or rashes are formed from which pus comes out.

 There is swelling on the skin.

 Skin color changes.

 Skin feels warm.

 The skin begins to tingle.

 Pain that begins to intensify upon touching.

 The skin becomes hard and tight and marks of blood strips are formed from inside the wound.  Fever can also occur due to infection in the wound, especially when the infection spreads in the blood.

 The formation of red marks.

 Wound and formation of pus.


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