Piles Symptoms Causes and Preventing

 What are piles?

 Hemorrhoid disease – also known as piles – is caused by inflammation and tension in the veins present in garland in Goda.  It is usually a “varicose vein” disease of the veins present in the Mala as in Goda.  Piles can also occur on the inner side of the rectum or on the outside of the insides.  Babar can occur for a number of reasons, although its exact cause has not yet been ascertained. It may also be due to over-pushing during the discharge, or due to increased pressure in the veins of the anus during pregnancy.  Can.  Sometimes hemorrhoids can also be treated by making a few simple changes in lifestyle such as applying fiber-rich diet food creams, etc. Symptoms of hemorrhoids can also be of different types, which are slightly itchy, from discomfort to the anus.  Bleeding or some part of the anus can also go out, etc. Hemorrhoids are usually not dangerous and if it is causing any kind of discomfort then only then the condition of getting treatment is given.  To treat hemorrhoids caused by constipation, it is necessary to make changes in diet and lifestyle.  Apart from this, hemorrhoids can also be treated with the help of an operation.


 Causes of piles :

 Due to the pressure in the veins around the anus, they get stretched.  Due to this, they become inflamed or emerge.  Hemorrhoids develop due to swelling in the veins.  Pressure increases in the lower part of the rectum for the following reasons: –

 1-Pushing force during bowel movements.

 2- 10 or constipation for a long time.

 Sitting for too long in a 3-toilet.

 All of the above factors affect blood flow to the area of ​​the anus.  Due to this pressure starts increasing in the blood vessels and thus their size starts to increase.  In addition, applying more force during bowel movements increases the pressure in the rectal tube, which causes hemorrhoids.


 1-older age – who keeps the tissue from hemorrhoids.  Weakness occurs with age.  Due to this, hemorrhoids develop and emerge and also go outwards.

 2-Obesity – Increasing the pressure inside the stomach also increases the pressure in the muscles of the anus.

 3-Pregnancy- In addition to increasing the pressure inside the abdomen, due to increasing the size of the uterus, the veins of the anus also get stretched and swollen in them.

 4-anal sex – Anal sex (anal sex) can also be the cause of hemorrhoids.


 symptoms of piles:-

 1-painful bowel movements that can cause injury to the rectum or anus.

 2 – Bleeding during bowel movements.

 3 – A mucus-like discharge from God.

 4- A painful swelling or lump or wart near the anus.

 5-Itching in the anal region which may be persistent or intermittent.


 Types of piles: –

 1-Internal hemorrhoids – This type of Babasir develops inside the rectum.  In some cases of hemorrhoids, it is not visible as it develops deep enough in the day. Internal hemorrhoids do not normally cause any serious condition and are cured on their own.

 2-External hemorrhoids – This type of hemorrhoid develops over the rectum.  It develops on the outer side of the same surface from where the stool comes out.  In some cases, it is not visible, while in other cases it appears as a lump on the surface of the rectum.  External hemorrhoids usually do not cause any serious problems.  But if you are suffering from pain or other problems or it is causing problems in your daily lifestyle.  So the doctor should show it.

 3-Bloody Piles – This type of Babasir can also be called a complication of piles.  In this blood clots are formed.  These blood clots may develop in both types of internal hemorrhoids on the outside.

 4-Prolapsed Piles- When there is swelling in the internal piles and it starts coming out from the rectum and this condition is called prolapsed piles.  In this, the hemorrhoids appear as a swollen lump or a lump that comes out from the anus.  While examining this area with the help of a mirror, you can see its lump.


 Preventing piles :

 The best way to protect against Babasir is to keep the stool soft so that it does not cause any trouble in coming out.  Apart from regular physical activities, it also plays an important role in softening the stool.  For this, you should consume 25 to 30 grams or more of fiber-rich foods throughout the day.  Fiber-rich foods contain both types of (unopened and unopened) fibers.  If you do not include fiber in your diet, then gradually include this element in your diet, suddenly increasing the amount of fiber in the dad can increase the problem of stomach gas and flatulence.

 You can adopt the following measures to prevent hemorrhoids –

 1-Do not sit on the toilet seat for too long – Sitting on the toilet seat for a long time increases the chances of having bowel movements, as well as the way you sit on the seat, you also pressure the blood vessels in the anus.  Does matter.  For this, you take the new mobile and magazine in the toilet as much as necessary and tell only your time in the toilet.


 2-Drink enough water – According to the body, drink a sufficient amount of water.  This makes stool soft.  The softening of the stool does not cause problems in coming out.

 3 – Do not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement – If you ignore the habit of bowel movements.  So this habit can make your stool hard or dry.  Due to the hardening of stool, it is difficult to come out and the nerves of the anus are pressurized, as well as you do not exert unnecessary stress if you do not have a desire for bowel movements.

 Eat 4-fiber-rich foods — you include green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and cereals artificially added to your diet.  Along with this, you should also take natural fiber like isabgol in your diet.  But you can slowly lower the fiber

 Add to your diet.  Because some people also get gas flatulence due to this.

 5-Exercise regularly – Being physically dynamic makes it easy for the bowel.  If you have never exercised before.  So do not do sudden out-of-the-box exercises. Also, if you have not done a full week’s exercise, do not do more exercises together only at the end of the week. During this time, you should gradually adopt the habit of effective and easy exercise.  Only 20 minutes of walking on the road will give you a lot of comforts.


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