Eye Pain Symptoms and Causes

What is eye pain?

 Eye pain is a common problem, which can be of various types, such as – a burning sensation in the eyes, pricking, the sensation of something falling in the eye, pain, twitching, or sudden sharp pain.  Symptoms of headache and sinus may also include symptoms of eye pain.  The eyes are one of the most fragile parts of our body and if they are damaged even a little, they can have fatal consequences.  If you have any kind of pain or discomfort in the eyes, then you should not ignore it or else it can take terrible form and can reach your eyesight.


 Causes of eye pain:

 To get eye –

 It is the most common eye problem, which can be caused by allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections, or any chemical burns.  The pain is usually mild and the eye turns pink or red.

 Style –

 It is an infection of the glands of the eyelids which causes pain in the eyelids as well as in the eye.  In this, a lump is formed somewhere on the eyelids (usually due to garbage filling in the lacrimal gland) which feels pain in applying the hand.

 Blepharitis –

 Eyelashes and other garbage etc. can also cause problems in the eyes, which cause gritty and redness in the eyelids and eyes.  Depending on the severity of the condition, this problem can sometimes lead to a painful condition.

 Chemical exposure –

 This condition can be very painful, which is due to household cleaning items (cleaners etc.) and acid etc. going into the eye.  Alkaline substances can also cause irritation in the eye.  Alkaline substances are usually not very painful, but if not treated immediately, they create a terrible condition for eye health.

 Scratches or blisters in the cornea –

 Both of these conditions are very common causes of eye pain and they are also associated with contact lenses.  Eye scratches occur due to any type of rubbing and blisters due to eye infections etc.  Both of these conditions often cause severe pain in the eye and constantly feel as if something is stuck in the eye.

 Glaucoma –

 It is a common eye problem and is usually not painful.  But if the pressure starts to build rapidly, then the orbital pain starts in the eye and becomes an emergency.  This pain is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

 Orbital Pain –

 It is caused by developing some type of disease in the eyes.  In this, mild or intense pain is felt in the back of the eye or eye.  There are some types of diseases and other conditions that can cause orbital pain.


 It also causes a headache along with eye pain, it is a very common type of eye pain.

 Iritis –

 Iris is the resinous part of the eye and when there is swelling and redness, it causes severe pain in the eye and insensitivity to light.

 Optic neuritis –

 In this condition, eye pain usually occurs due to the movement of the eye.  In this condition, swelling and redness start in the optic nerve (an eye vein).  Viral or bacterial infections can also cause this condition.  It is very important to pay immediate attention to this situation.

 the strokes  –

 Trauma can be caused by a wide variety of things.  For example, eye injuries, scratches, chemical breakdowns, and other eye accidents are also included.

 Symptoms of eye pain :

 Pain in the eyes is very painful and due to this, a person is unable to do any work.  Along with eye pain, other symptoms are also seen, such as sensitivity to light, redness in the eyes, burning sensation, running water, and headache.  Although this pain mostly occurs in those people who wear glasses of high power, but sometimes in general, too much emphasis on the eyes or TV for many hours.  And sitting in front of the computer also causes pain in the eyes.  Pain occurring in the eyes is often accompanied by headache and sometimes pain occurs in the forehead and forehead along with the eyes.

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