Phimosis symptoms causes and Prevention


 What is phimosis?

    Phimosis is a condition when the upper skin of the penis called the foreskin becomes highly tight and the front of the penis does not retract.  Children who are not circumcised may have this problem later.  Due to the non-receding skin of the penis, their penis is not cleaned properly and there is a risk of infection.  Repeated infections in the front of the penis cause phimosis.  People who have phimosis problem have frequent infections in their penis, their penis can also have pain and pus.

    Children who get phimosis problem have constant pain and irritation in their penis.  Maintaining health is very important to avoid phimosis.  In children 10 years of age or older, urine should first go to the foreskin and then slowly come out, then treatment should be done immediately.

 Causes of phimosis:

    If the upper skin of the penis is not retracting, it causes phimosis even if it is forced backward.  Forcing the skin of the penis backward can also cause scarring, due to which the skin of the foreskin is damaged.  The skin becomes more difficult to repel.

    If a person does not clean his penis well then the following symptoms are seen when there is an infection in the foreskin –

  • Swelling occurs on the upper skin of the penis.
  • Pain is burning sensation.
  • Redness occurs on the penis.

   The problem of phimosis arises due to swelling, burning and pain on the penis.  Phimosis also develops due to a skin disease –

  • On psoriasis, spots start appearing and the skin becomes red, crusted.
  • There is itching in the skin when there is eczema, there is dryness in the skin and the skin starts to crack.
  • Any injury to the penis or upper skin.
  • In case of urinary tract infection.
  • On infection in the foreskin.

 Symptoms of phimosis:

    Phimosis does not always cause any kind of symptoms, but when it is formed it usually causes symptoms like redness, swelling, pain, etc.

  •  It hurts while urinating.
  •  There is a burning sensation in the penis.
  •  The foreskin is swollen during urination.
  •  The front of the penis becomes dark red or blue.
  •  Itching occurs in the penis.
  •  Smells bad
  •  There is swelling in the penis.
  •  It hurts while having sex.
  •  The skin starts to crack.
  •  There is a decrease in excitement while having sex.

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 Prevention of phimosis:

  •  The underside of the skin should be cleaned daily with lukewarm water.
  •  Children who have not been circumcised should retract the austerity of their foreskin and clean it with water.
  •  Telkam powder or anything should not be used on the penis.
  •  After cleaning under the skin of the foreskin, it should be offered back.
  •  The skin of the penis should not be forced backward, it becomes damaged by the foreskin.

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