Obesity Symptoms and Causes

What is obesity?

 Obesity is a condition where too much fat accumulates in a person’s body, which can have a negative effect on their health.  If a person has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, then that person is counted as an obese person.  Generally speaking, obesity is a disease when a person’s weight exceeds the normal weight or fat accumulates in the body more than necessary.  The condition of obesity increases the chances of causing many diseases in the body, such as Breathing disorders, Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and others.


 Factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and muscle mass can affect the relationship between BMI and body fat.  That is, body mass index can vary from person to person depending on age, gender, and ethnicity.  BMI is calculated by taking into consideration the weight and height of a person.

 If a person is excessively fatty, then this obesity can become a threat to him.  Therefore, a person should check the condition of obesity and make reasonable efforts to reduce it in time.  Let us know what are the causes of obesity.


 Causes of obesity:

 Do not do anything in the name of overeating and exercising: Nowadays people have lost control of eating.  Due to excessive fatigue and work, most people start eating in large amounts.  Sometimes it is caused by loneliness.  This overeating habit increases obesity.  Also, exercise does not do much compared to what you eat.  Due to this fat does not break down and the body becomes fat.

 Working in the chair: Most of the people working in the office remain seated all day long by sticking to the chair.  In such a situation, the nutrition of food also becomes fat.  Regular exercise is the solution.

 High-fat diet: Fast food is so much fat that in a US report it has been described as the biggest cause of heart attack.  Fast food makes our stomachs so fast that we are left behind, Pat comes forward.


 Waking up late in the night and not getting enough sleep in the morning: Due to the internet which was created to connect the world, people are leaving the world by spoiling their health.  Waking up late at night using the internet is the biggest reason for not getting enough sleep today.  Because of this, health is being harmed.  It is the cause of stomach disorders and obesity.

 Laziness: Not moving from the chair in an office or doing small tasks in which you have to run a little, it makes laziness to get done by others.  Exercise also seems heavy due to laziness.  Ultimately, obesity increases, and the accompanying diseases reduce the lifespan.


 Symptoms of obesity:

 Breathlessness – Frequent breathing problem is a symptom of obesity which can be caused due to many reasons and causes many diseases. 

 Increased sweating – sudden, persistent sweating and much more, indicating that the person is suffering from obesity. 

 Snoring – People suffering from obesity on the basis of obesity can be seen snoring a lot in their sleep as the problem increases with obesity.  

 Sudden inability to reconcile with physical activity – In general, being unable to do any physical activity is also associated with obesity and is also the most prominent symptom of obesity.  


  Feeling very tired every day- Usually, experiencing continuous fatigue without any extra workload is also a symptom of obesity.  

 Back and joint pain – Back and joint pain can be seen commonly in people with obesity. 

 Decreased self-confidence and self-esteem – Physical problems lead to a loss of ability to do any work and a lack of self-confidence, which also leads to a decrease in self-esteem. 

 Feeling lonely – It is common to experience loneliness in obesity.  People feel different and alone because of physical changes.  

 Sleeping more or less than necessary- If we sleep more than necessary, then it is also a big symptom of our obesity.


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