Jaundice symptoms and causes

 What is jaundice?

 The cause of jaundice is a substance called bilirubin which is produced in body tissues and blood.  When the red blood cells in the liver break down, then a yellow-colored substance called bilirubin is formed.  Jaundice occurs when this substance is not able to filter out of the blood from the body towards the liver and out of the body due to any condition.

 Its main symptoms are the white part of the eyes, mucus membrane (inner soft tissue layer), and yellow skin color.  Jaundice usually occurs in newborns, but in some cases, it also occurs in adults.  Jaundice can sometimes feel some other symptoms as well, such as stomach ache, loss of appetite and weight loss, etc.

 Jaundice is a disease in which total serum bilirubin levels rise above 3 mg per dl (mg / dL).


 Causes of jaundice :

 Bilirubin is a yellow-colored substance.  It is found in blood cells.  When these cells become dead, the liver filters them with blood.  When this process is not done properly due to some problem in the liver, bilirubin starts to increase.  This causes the skin to look pale.  Due to liver disturbances, bilirubin does not exit the body, causing jaundice.  Apart from this, jaundice can also occur due to the following reasons: –

 Hepatitis: Most viral can be short-term or chronic.  Drugs or autoimmune disorders can cause hepatitis.  Over time, it can damage the liver and cause jaundice.

 Acute liver inflammation: The liver’s ability to conjugate and secrete bilirubin decreases due to inflammation and thus increases bilirubin volume.  Swelling occurs due to contaminated water or food items.

 Alcohol-related liver disease: If you drink too much over a long period of time — usually 8–10 years — you have damaged your liver.  Two diseases, in particular, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis cause liver damage.

 Hemolytic anemia: This condition increases the production of bilirubin in the body because large amounts of red blood cells break down.

 Gilbert syndrome: In this condition, the ability of enzymes to process bile excretion is reduced.  This is an inherited condition.

 Blocked bile ducts: These are thin tubes that carry fluid from the liver and gallbladder to the small intestine.  sometimes;  They are blocked by gallstones, cancer, or abnormal liver diseases.  If this happens, they cause jaundice.

 Pancreatic cancer: It is the 10th most common cancer in males and 9th among females.  It can block the bile duct and cause jaundice.

 Some medicines: Drugs such as acetaminophen, penicillin, birth control pills, and steroids have been linked to liver disease.

 Symptoms of jaundice:

 Skin yellowing

 Body itching

 Sudden weight loss

 Vomiting, nausea

 Abdominal pain and dizziness.

 The dark yellow color of urine.

 Yellowing of the eyes.

 Not having normal stool color is also a symptom of jaundice.


 stomach ache.

 Weight starts decreasing.

 Itching begins in the body.

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