Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms and Causers

  What is irritable bowel syndrome?

    This disease is a result of the effect on the large intestine of man.  In this, patients sometimes continue constipation and sometimes diarrhea for several days.  There are complaints of a large number of bowel movements with feces.  It is a major disease.  In which both the patient and the doctor are dizzy.  The patient varies from doctor to doctor but he does not get any benefit.  Diarrhea complains only during the day.  He sleeps comfortably at night.  If he has diarrhea even at night, there is a possibility that an infection is present in his intestines.  Another feature of this disease is that the patient does not lose weight in spite of frequent attacks of diarrhea. The patient goes for a bowel movement after a while.  The patient feels as if the stool is coming, but he does not get a stool in a very small amount or at all.


 Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome:

 The patient complains of constipation for several days.  And sometimes diarrhea.

 Diarrhea is not thin, only the stool remains loose.

 Sometimes stomach cramps may occur during bowel movements.

 One of the main complaints of the patient is that a large amount of ooze comes out with feces.

 The patient has abdominal pain while having bowel movements.

 After taking food, there is sweet and sweet pain in the stomach.

 The pain ends after a bowel movement.

 Sometimes the disease takes such a form that one has to go for a bowel movement immediately after eating food.

The patient goes for a bowel movement after a while.  The patient feels as if the stool is coming, but he does not get a stool in very small amounts or at all.


 In some people, anger, anxiety, and fear persist for a long time, their nervous system gets very excited.  Due to this the production of mucus from the intestinal glands starts in greater quantity.  This mucus, which is normally thin, remains thick in the large intestine by staying for a long time and takes the form of a light-colored membrane.  This membrane comes out in a pipe-like form over the stool or sometimes it comes out in the form of tablets.

 Avoiding irritable bowel syndrome:

 Quit eating spicy and spicy foods.

 Do not eat anything made of refined flour.

 It should be explained to the patient that he did not take the constipation drug here and there.

 The patient should walk in the open air.

 Advise the patient to exercise.

 Live a balanced and worry-free life.

 Do not consume alcohol.

 Stop smoking and tobacco consumption.

 The patient should eat light food.

 The patient should drink more and more milk.

 If the patient is suffering from stomach pain, fill hot water in a bottle and he should compress the stomach.

 The patient should remain worry-free.


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