Insomnia Symptoms and Causes

 In Insomnia or Unnidra Rog (Insomnia), the patient does not get enough and unbroken sleep, due to which the patient does not get the necessary rest and there is a bad effect on health.  Often slight insomnia creates anxiety in the mind of the patient, due to which the disease gets worse.  Getting enough sleep is essential to stay healthy.

 Of course, we know that it is very difficult to grow up and mature and it is even more difficult to follow the principle of ‘early to bed and early to rise’.  Most of us do the exact opposite.  Sometimes we are awake till late at night. Whatever the reason, spending time on social media, talking to someone, studying at night or working on a project, or just because of lack of sleep.  Huh.  The result is that they are not able to complete sleep and wake up in the morning and start working again and after that feel lethargic throughout the day.

 Causes of insomnia:

 Change in sleeping time every day.

 Sleeping or taking a nap in the afternoon.

 Too much noise or too much light in the room while sleeping.

 Do not exercise

 Using devices like mobile and TV while sleeping.

 To smoke

 Consuming more caffeinated substances throughout the day.

 Taking certain types of medicines.

 Working at night anxiety or stress.

 Certain types of sleep disorders.

 Having any problem in the body or any health-related problem such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or stress.

 Lifestyle changes.

 Symptoms of insomnia:

 Can’t sleep even when trying to sleep.

 Waking up for a while even after falling asleep or complaining of frequent sleep breaks.

 Do not feel fresh and lethargic even after getting up from sleep.

 Laziness is the most common symptom in people suffering from insomnia.  A person feels unwell which adversely affects his social and personal life.

 A person suffering from insomnia is always irritable and gets angry very quickly.

 Problems like anxiety and depression surround the person suffering from insomnia quickly.  They may also behave strangely.

 Prevention of insomnia :

 Keep your bedtime and wake-up times the same for each day as well as on weekends.

 remain active.  Regular activities are important for a good night’s sleep.

 Check your medicines and see if they have caused you to suffer from insomnia.

 Avoid hyposomnia or naps.

 Avoid or limit coffee and alcohol.  Do not use smoke.

 Avoid overeating and drinking beverages before bedtime.

 Make your bedroom comfortable and use it only for having sex or sleeping.

 There are some habits you can adopt to sleep comfortably, such as taking a bath before bed, reading books or listening to music in low volume.


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