High Blood Pressure symptoms and causes

 What is high blood pressure?

 During high blood pressure, the blood flow in your body becomes very fast.  In this case, your heart has to work more.  Our heart pumps blood through the arteries into the body, giving us life.  A certain pressure is necessary for the blood flowing in our arteries.  When this pressure is increased due to any reason, then there is pressure on the arteries and this condition is called high blood pressure.  Many serious diseases can occur due to the problem of constant high blood pressure and hard failure can also occur after high blood pressure.  High blood pressure has a great effect on the nervous system, the patient may also have paralysis.


 Causes of high blood pressure:

 Pregnant women may have higher blood pressure problems than normal women.

 The problem of high blood pressure is particularly found in patients with diabetes.

 People who suffer from mental stress often fall victim to high blood pressure.

 Eating a diet that is high in fat causes the problem of high blood pressure.

 High blood pressure is more common in people who eat more salt.

 According to researchers, people who drink alcohol regularly have a higher systolic blood pressure than normal people.

 Along with a lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle also leads to high blood pressure.

 This also leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood, causing the heart to pump faster to compensate, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure.

 Overweight people are found to have higher blood pressure problems than normal-weight people.

 Blood pressure increases with age, men have higher blood pressure problems than women.

 Blood pressure is also found to be genetic. If a family member has a high blood pressure problem, it can also happen to other family members.


 Symptoms of high blood pressure:

 There are complaints of headaches.

 There is difficulty in breathing.

 The nose starts bleeding.

 There is a complaint of dizziness.

 Blood may come in the urine.

 There is chest pain.

 The breath swells.

 Anxiety is experienced.

 Weakness persists.

 The light of the eyes becomes very weak.

 There is a complaint of body pain.

 Vomiting may occur.

 There is heaviness in the head.

 The breath moves at a high speed.


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