Foot Corn symptoms and causes

  What is foot corn?

 Foot corn is a thick layer of skin that, due to friction, bruising, and pressure, reacts and develops in the skin (especially in the soles of the feet).  Corn causes pain when walking.

 Corns are often small, flaky round circle-shaped, usually developing above the toes, at par, or at the soles.  But they can develop anywhere.  Foot corn often occurs in the legs of thin people, because they lack fat (giddiness) in their skin.  This problem is quite common in those who do not wear properly fitting shoes or those who have sweating feet or those who stand most of the time.  Foot corn is more common in women than in men.


 Causes of foot corn:

 The exterior is similar to a small piece of wood or a fork etc.

 – Wearing high-heeled shoes causes pressure on the ankles.

 – Wearing bad-fitting shoes.

 Wearing shoes or sandals without socks increases friction in the feet.

 – Walk barefoot regularly.

 -People working in certain types of occupations such as farms or gardens etc.

 – In old age, the problem of bunions is more because the fatty tissue present in the body decreases due to which the skin fatness is reduced.  Due to this, there is an increased risk of getting cornered.

 -Special type of designer shoes that put more pressure on one part of the foot.


 One of the special reasons for getting foot corn is also because wearing poorly fitting shoes causes pressure on the ankles, causing constant friction in the feet due to the berry on the pressurized skin.  The knot is formed which takes the form of corn.

 – Wearing bad-fitting shoes.

 – Walk barefoot regularly.

 – Wearing high-heeled shoes.

 – Wearing shoes or sandals without socks.

 -Working without shoes on the farm or garden.

 -Out of external items like- a small piece of wood or thorn, etc.


 Symptoms of foot corn:

 A rigid and upward bump (knots, etc.)

 The affected skin is rough and thick,

 Dry or wax-like layer on the skin,

 Pain inside the skin or feeling pain on touching,

 Feeling pain while walking or doing other activities, etc.


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