Foot Corn Symptoma causes and Prevention

What is foot corn?

 Foot corns are thick white, round-shaped clumps of dead skin, usually on the top of the toes, along the foot, or on the soles.  Most people are troubled by the problem of foot corn.  If it is not treated on time, then it starts growing slowly.  Although there is a small operation for this, many people are afraid of it and use cream and foot corn bands found in the market.  But their effect is less visible.

 Symptoms of foot corn:

 Any injury to the foot can be the cause of foot corn.

 The pressure of the whole body falls the most on the feet.  Due to this pressure, many times there are corns in the feet.

 Corns are formed even if there is any deformity in the congenital foot.

 Wearing shoes that are smaller than your size or not wearing the right size footwear.

 Wearing high-heeled sandals or shoes is also a reason.

 Many times the feet hurt due to walking barefoot and due to this the thickness of the skin of the feet starts increasing from one place.

 The pressure on a particular part of the foot keeps on continuously due to some special type of designed shoes and due to this, corns are formed there.

 Playing some games in which they become corns due to continuous running in the same way.

 Even when a small piece of wood or a fork is used, corn is formed.

 Corns develop when pressure or friction increases in the toes.

 Working in the garden or in the garden without wearing shoes.

 This problem is seen more in people of 50 plus because at this age their fatty tissue reduces and the skin starts thinning, due to which corns are formed.

 People who are skinny also have this problem due to less mass.

 Causes of foot corn:

 Unfit shoes – Incorrect shoes can put excessive pressure on certain parts of the foot, while over-tight shoes can damage the foot through friction.

 Do not wear socks – If you do not wear socks with shoes then there is a risk of hard and hard material abrasion on the skin of the fee

 Excessive labor – repetitive occupations of the hands can also damage the skin of the palms.  Carrying heavy and hard materials also increases your chances of developing calluses and corns.

 Athletic events – People who are involved in intense sports activities and athletes may develop corns on their extremities because these activities put excessive pressure on the hands and feet.

 Abnormal bone structure – Some people have bony growths due to the irregular structure of the foot. Constant pressure and friction on these exposed areas can cause corn.

 Prevention of foot corn:

 Proper size shoes should be worn to prevent foot corns.

 Avoid wearing shoes with high heels and pointed tips.

 Keep the nails of the fingers cut, our feet meet with the head of the shoe and put pressure on the fingers and with time, corns start developing.  So keep the fingernails short to reduce the pressure.

 Your feet should be cleaned daily with a scrubbing brush.

 After washing the feet, dry them thoroughly and apply moisturizing cream on them.

 Regularly use a pumice stone or foot file.

 Wear clean socks daily and use talcum powder on the soles of the feet to stop sweating.


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