Double Vision (Diplopia) : Symptoms and Causes

  What is double vision?

   It is a disease in which a person sees two objects of the same object.  The image can appear side-by-side or up and down.  In most cases, double vision problems are associated with the eyes.  Often, double vision problems are caused by a serious illness.  Cervical spondylitis or hypothyroid can also cause this disease.  In some patients, this disease is also caused by stroke.

   Some patients have double vision problems in the same eye.  The patient sees everything.  But when he closes the victim’s eye with double vision, then he starts looking all normal.  But some patients have dual vision problems in both eyes, that is, they suffer from double vision problems with both eyes.  Such double vision problems may be indicative of neurological.

     If a patient is suffering from the double vision in both eyes, then if he keeps one of his eyes closed then this problem suddenly ends.

 Type of double vision:

 1 – Monocular double vision –

 This problem affects only one eye, if the patient closes the affected eye with double vision then this problem is fixed.

 2 – Binocular Double Vision:

 In this problem, the patient suffers from the double vision in both eyes, that is, when one eye is closed, he is seen double with the other eye.

 Due to double vision:

 Some people spend too long on computers and mobiles.  Digital pressure on their eyes causes dryness in the eyes and this can be a problem.  People who have had diabetes disease for a long time also have this problem.  This problem arises due to any deficiency in the cornea.

 If the cornea becomes thin, the vision becomes double or blurred.  Cataracts cover the lens of the eye, due to which the focus on seeing an object cannot be doubled.  If the lens is removed from its position, there is a possibility of double vision.  The macula is the central part of the retina, with aging or due to improper viewing of the solar eclipse, it worsens and vision becomes blurred or doubled.

 If there is any damage to the muscles or nerves of the eyes due to any reason, then this problem can arise.  Brain tumors suppress the veins of the eye.  Which causes this problem.  Diabetes patients also get this disease.  Due to severe head injury, a double vision problem occurs. 

   It can recur even after the double vision problem is over if the eyes are not taken care of properly.

 Symptoms of double vision:

 The patient feels nauseous and vomits.

 Headache hurts.

 There is a pain in the eyes of the patient.

 There is a pain in the surrounding area of ​​the eyes.

 The eyelids hang.

 Pain in moving the eyes.

 Severe pain in the eyes and feeling of medicine behind the eyes.

 Blotches or spots on the forehead, eyelids, or nose.

 Difficulty when looking at anything, two objects of one object appear.

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