Diarrhoea Causes, symptoms and treatment

What is Diarrhoea?

      Diarrhoea is a chronic and painful disease.  Due to this disease, the patient goes to bowel movements frequently, due to which the patient becomes very weak.  The patient lies on the bed.  It also becomes difficult for him to get up from bed.  If the patient is not treated at the right time, the patient may also die.  The root cause of this disease is eating disturbances.  As a result of which one has to go for bowel movements again and again.  Feces resemble foamy or watery.  There is thunder in the stomach.  The patient’s appetite decreases.  The thirst is sometimes high, never at all.

 Causes of diarrhoea:

  •  From contaminated water and food.
  •  People who eat without hunger.
  •  Due to typhoid.
  •  Due to sunstroke in the sun during summer days.
  •  By taking water or tea on an empty stomach.
  •  Fear or bereavement from mental disorders.
  •  Due to inflammation in the intestines.
  •  Diarrhea comes when food comes in the stomach with any poisonous substance.
  •  From disturbances of the digestive system.
  •  Infection of insects in the stomach.
  •  Lever not working properly.
  •  From intestinal cancer.


 Symptoms of diarrhoea:

  •  The patient has to go for frequent bowel movements.
  •  There is pain around the navel.
  •  Stomach cramps occur.
  •  The stomach gurgles.
  •  The stool is still slightly and sometimes more watery, with a thin odor.
  •  Stool does not come tied.
  •  Diarrhea is more water and less stool.
  •  Foul air comes out.
  •  The patient feels restless.
  •  Sometimes there is intense pain in the stomach.
  •  Fatigue may cause unconsciousness to the patient when a loose diarrhea like water is found in large quantities.
  •  The patient sweats.
  •  Cold feet and feet.
  •  The patient becomes unconscious.
  •  The body weight of the patient is reduced.
  •  The patient’s eyes get sunken
  •  There is pain in the feet.
  •  The head baffles.
  •  The tongue dries up.
  •  Wrinkles occur on the skin.
  •  There are kernels in the hands and feet.
  •  Thirst seems too much.
  •  Vomiting occurs.

Common treatment of diarrhoea :

   Food should be stopped when the diarrhea starts, and should not eat until the diarrhea stops and hunger does not open up. If the patient feels thirsty and has weakness, if he wants to eat something, then the patient should be given salt.  Can be protected from dehydration.  Lemon and glucose water can also be taken.  Mixing honey in water and giving it to the patient gives him the necessary nutrients.  In the state of dehydration, a sufficient amount of electrolyte powder should be given to the patient.

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