Dandruff Symptoms and Causes

 What is dandruff?

 Nowadays, due to pollution or lack of time, people do not have time to take care of their hair properly or due to the use of different types of new hairstyles and hair products, people have to face the problem of dandruff.  Home remedies are used to get relief from dandruff home remedies because dandruff also causes hair loss.  Before getting information about Russian home remedies, let us know more things about Russian.


 Causes of dandruff:

 Dry skin

 Dry skin is a major cause of dandruff.  If your skin is also dry then there is an increased chance of dandruff in your hair and if it is not treated properly, the dry and dead skin of your scalp will become scabies.

 Yeast sensitivity

 If the problem of dandruff is more during winter than in summer then do not eat yeast-rich food because of this allergy.  Because it can also be the cause of dry skin.  The reason for having less dandruff in summer is probably the strong UV rays in the summer season.  Due to this, the skin is not dry.

 Dirty head

 Dirty heads are a sign of dirt and dead cells.  It can cause dandruff in two ways.  The problem of dandruff starts due to the greater presence of dead cells.  A dirty head attracts many germs, it can cause the development of yeast and fungus.

 Not combing properly

 Brushing your hair definitely cleanses your hair.  Hair should be combed every day.  By doing this you clean dirt, dead skin, etc. from your head.  Regular combing does not collect dirt on the head.

 Seborrheic dermatitis

 Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition in which the skin of the head, ears, and face becomes pale, smooth, and scaly.  If your skin is oily then your scalp skin may become itchy and grainy.  This is due to excessive oil production and excessive oil can cause dirt on your head and dead skin to stop.  It is important to keep the head clean to control it.  Shampoo when necessary.  Do not follow the old saying that washing your head too soon causes hair damage.  In today’s time, there is a lot of dirt and pollution.  To avoid unnecessary damage to hair, use a shampoo with a mild and balanced pH.

 Skin disease

 When someone has psoriasis, eczema, and other skin-related diseases, they also have to face the problem of dandruff.  They should consult a doctor as soon as possible without wasting time.

 Long-term medication or high steroid intake

 When one consumes drugs and steroids excessively or for a long time, they can also face a serious problem like dandruff, and such a condition should be diagnosed as soon as possible, otherwise, it can lead to baldness.  To get you back on track, you should take regular checkups and medications as advised by the expert.

 mental stress

 Nobody cares about it or is unable to care due to lack of time.  But due to mental stress, there can also be severe dandruff.  Complete at least 8 hours of sleep to stay away from stress.  This keeps the stress away from anyone.


 Everyone talks about clean and healthy food, but no one really pays attention to it when KFC and McDonald’s go so much nowadays.  But to avoid hair loss due to dandruff, eat fresh vegetables and fruits.  A good diet is important to maintain the skin of the head.


 Studies show that 10.6% of people affected by HIV or AIDS commonly suffer from dandruff.  There is not much you can do about this cause, so it can only be resolved by controlling the results.

 Symptoms of dandruff:

 The symptoms of dandruff are easy to identify in most people.  Dandruff is characterized by white, oily spots that are present on the hair and shoulders.

 Because of this, there is constant itching in the head.  Dandruff increases during the winter, as the warmth of the house, makes the skin dry.

 Dandruff called cradle cap is more common in newborns.  However, it is not dangerous and heals on its own.

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