Colitis Symptoms, Causes and Prevention


 What is colitis

   In this disease, inflammation occurs on the large intestine.  There is pain around the belly and abdomen.  The patient feels nauseous, does not want to eat, the patient has mild fever, there is a sore stomach and there are thin stools, there is a bad smell in diarrhea and later blood may also come.  The patient feels a lot of weakness in the stomach.

    Children, young and old can suffer from inflammation of the bowels.  This disease can happen to both men and women.  Many patients complain of suffering from this disease for a long time and continue to take various allopathic, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicines during their lifetime.  It also states that as long as they are taken, then they are fine, but upon discontinuation, symptoms emerge again.  Many patients keep taking isabgol or powder.  Many patients are well with this spaghetti.  But the symptoms of some patients increase, most of the people who come for consultation say that the stomach clears but then many thin stools occur. Many patients drink cigarettes, bidis during stool.  Some patients regularly take enema.  Some patients of colitis complain of excessive weakness, anemia, high fever, blood pressure.

 Causes of colitis:

 In case of dysentery.

 Because of typhoid.

 On having a mental disorder.

 Excess of anxiety and anger.

 In case of chronic gas disease.

 Due to prolonged constipation.

 On cancer of the large intestine.

 The problem of recurrent dysentery.

 Vomiting and always having constipation.

 Repeated malaria.

 In patients with hysteria.

 In any disease, more use of fast medicine.

 The problem of recurrent dysentery.

 On drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

 More use of coffee and cold drinks.

 By overeating heavy meals.

 In the older men, the prostate gland enlarges and swells in the large intestine.

 Symptoms of Colitis :

 Thin diarrhea.

 I come to the stool.

 Sores, ulcers, or lumps may form in the intestines.

 Some patients experience blood in the stool.

 The patient has fever.

 Blood pressure decreases.


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 The patient starts sweating on the forehead.

 Hands and feet seem to be cold.

 Thin diarrhea can occur for several weeks.

 There is pain in the stomach.

 There is heaviness in the stomach.

 Stomach blooms.

 Gas is made more.

 There is a burning sensation in the chest.

 The patient complains of back pain.

 The patient has a headache.

 Weakness comes more.

 The patient experiences nervousness.

 The patient is worried and upset all the time.

 There is abdominal pain at the time of bowel movement.

 Appetite decreases.

 The weight of the patient starts decreasing rapidly.

 There is a lack of blood in the body.

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