Chest Pain Symptoms and Causes

 What is chest pain?

 Chest pain can emerge in many varieties.  It can range from mild pain in the chest to severe prick.  Chest pain sometimes feels like pressure and a burning sensation.  In some cases, pain starts from the chest to the neck and jaws, and after that waves of pain are also felt in the waist and arms.

 In general, chest pain is divided into types – heart-related (such as angina) and non-heart-related (such as gas).  Many different problems can cause chest pain.  Of these, the problems which are dangerous are related to the heart or lungs.  The exact cause of chest pain can be difficult to determine, so it is best to have a medical examination immediately.


 Causes of chest pain:

 Most cases cause pain due to gas or acidity.  The obstruction of blood flow in the heart muscle is the major cause of chest pain.  This condition is called angina.  Angina pain occurs for a few moments and resolves on its own, but if the pain is due to any heart problem, it can be severe.  It can also be a heart attack and needs immediate treatment.  Apart from this, it can be painful due to stretch in the chest muscles and any disease related to the lungs.

 Chest pain can also occur due to lung disease, in this condition, there is pain next to the chest, and this pain is increased by breathing or coughing.  Common causes of chest pain are swelling in the lining of the lungs (pleura) due to chest pain.  Lung diseases such as pneumonia and asthma can also cause chest pain.

 Chest pain may occur due to swelling in the inner membrane of the chest.  If there is swelling in the membrane present on the upper surface of the lungs, then air is inhaled when inhaled from the swollen surface of the inner membrane of the chest, causing unbearable pain.  This condition is called pleuritis.  Most pleuritis is caused by TB infection or pneumonia.

 TB may also be the main cause of chest pain.  In this disease, there may be swelling in the lung membrane due to which the patient feels pain by breathing air on the swollen surface when he breathes.

 A heart attack can also cause pain on the left side of the chest.  Repeated chest pain is a symptom of Angina Pectoralis which takes the form of heart disease.  In this problem, the amount of blood reaching the heart is reduced.  Due to a lack of oxygen supply to the heart, there is difficulty in breathing with chest pain.

 The arterial pain of the heart is called peripheral vascular (P.V.D).  Chest pain occurs when blood flow is obstructed in the arteries that carry blood to the internal organs of the body connecting with the heart and to the brain.

 A hole or scratch in the coronary artery is called a coronary artery dissection.  This condition can be caused by a variety of factors.  It can cause severe pain suddenly.

 Many types of stomach diseases can also cause chest pain.  Acidity and acid reflux can sometimes cause chest pain and discomfort.  Many times there may also be chest pain due to food pipe cramps or peptic ulcers (wounds).  When gas is produced in the gallbladder and this gas goes towards the chest, then there is pain in the chest.

 Chest pain may also occur due to a rupture of the chest rib.  Rib inflammation is known as osteochondritis, which causes chest pain.  Chest pain can also be caused by injury in the spine, which makes it difficult to detect cardiac pain.  Chest pain due to swelling in the veins due to herpes.

 Symptoms of chest pain:

 Feeling of prickling or straining in the chest.

 – Feeling of heaviness in the chest.


 – Cold sweating or cold sweating in summer.

 – Feeling weak


 The pain started from the chest started spreading to the shoulders and hands.

 – Trouble swallowing.

 – Taste of mouth.

 – Feeling uneasy.

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