Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms, causes and Avoiding

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms, causes and Avoiding

 What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

     This is a disease in which there is a tingling in the hands and hands are heard.  This disease is mainly due to compression of the hand vein.  This vein travels from the wrist to the arm.  The arm is stiff and the arm becomes heavy.  If the patient already has any disease, then there is every possibility of getting this disease.  There is no life in the hand and the strength of the hand goes away.  There is extreme pain in the hand, the patient is unable to do any work with the hand.

 Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

  •  This disease starts slowly, this disease starts with the fingers of the hands.
  •  Tingling in the hands is the initial symptom of this disease.
  •  There is discomfort in the wrists and hands.
  •  The hands and fingers become numb.
  •  The disease starts with the thumb index finger and middle finger.
  •  Sometimes there is an electric current-like feeling in the fingers.
  •  Most of the time the current is felt while holding the car steering, newspaper or phone, etc.
  •  Sleep also opens when you sleep with a tingle.
  •  These symptoms gradually take a serious form.
  •  Weakness is felt in the hands.
  •  The problem arises while holding anything, the handheld thing suddenly falls off.  It is often caused by a tingling in the thumb.
  •  Nerves and muscles are damaged.

 Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome:

  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the middle pulse.
  •  This vein gets affected due to rupture of the wrist, movement, or arthritis, and this disease occurs.
  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to pressure on the middle pulse.
  •  Carper tunnel syndrome occurs more in women than men.  This is because the carper tunnel of women is smaller than that of men.  Those who get this disease tend to tunnel and become smaller at work.
  •  Diabetes also damages other nerves along the median pulse.
  •  Inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis affect the surrounding tissue and cause Carper tunnel syndrome by pressing on the middle pulse.
  •  Excess obesity is also a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  •  Due to the deposition of fluids in the body, medicine is produced on the carpal tunnel and swelling occurs on the middle pulse.
  •  If you work with vibrating tools or in a place where wrists have to bend over and over again.
  •  This disease is also caused by excessive computer use.

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 Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome:

  •  Give the button light medicines while working on the computer.
  •  Use long pens while writing, remember that the pens should not stop in between.
  •  Write with a pen that has a soft place to hold it.
  •  After doing the same work continuously, give the hands a rest after some time.
  •  When doing such work continuously, which has a tingling or a lot of emphases, then such work should be periodically rested.
  •  Keep the posture of your wrists fine.
  •  If your sitting posture is not right, then your shoulders can be bent forward and there is pressure on your shoulder and neck nerves.
  •  Your computer’s mouse is comfortable, which does not need to be stressed too much.
  •  Keep your hands warm.

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