Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms and Causes

 What is body dysmorphic disorder?

    In this disease, the patient is so unhappy about the slight decrease in his face, ugliness or body texture.  That he is constantly thinking about this deficiency.  This deficiency sits so deep in his heart and mind that he begins to live in utter despair.  This is a serious type of psychiatry.  Most of young men – tips are found troubled by this mental problem.  Only about 5 million people are victimized in America alone.

 Symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder:

 The patient begins to live in utter despair.

 The patient prefers to live in private, leaving him to meet anyone.

 The patient is very unhappy about the texture of his body.

 In particular, he is unhappy about the slight lack of face, and ugliness.

 If the patient goes to a wedding or party, he tries to hide his presence.

 People suffering from this disease think of themselves as inferior while talking to others.

 The patient likes to live in the dark.


 The disease is predominantly found in school-going children. They think that there is something lacking in their face.

 Patients with body dysmorphic disorder are constantly engaged in remedies to hide their ugliness.

 The patients decorate very much.

 Many times, patients stand in front of the mirror, looking at their deficiency.

 He repeatedly asks people whether he is looking well.

 They try to find new ways to overcome their ugliness.

 At least 40% of people think of their deficiency more than 8 hours a day.

 People with this disease are very cold.

 The willpower of such people is very weak.

 Patients with body dysmorphic disorder suffer from depression.

 Patients with body dysmorphic disorder also attempt suicide.

 Causes of body dysmorphic disorder:

 If a person has seen a heart-disturbing incident in childhood, then he may have a problem of this disease.

 This disease occurs due to an imbalance in the chemicals of the brain.

 The cause of this disease can also be personal development.

 Causes of mental diseases.

 Traumatic events.

 Ignoring people.

 Getting distracted by your criticism too much.

 Due to minor facial blemish.

 Pockets of the brain do not make chemical reactions work properly.

      75% of people suffering from body dysmorphic disorder never marry and 13% of those who marry get divorced.  Two-thirds of people suffer from depression due to this, due to which they use medicines in excessive amounts, which causes disturbances in the chemical activities in their brain pockets, the people suffering from this problem are very much suffering.  They feel as if they are being ignored.  Due to this their will power becomes very weak.  He deviates from his criticism very quickly.

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