Ankle Pain symptoms and causes

  What is ankle pain?

 Any type of pain or discomfort in any part of the ankle is called “ankle pain”.  There can be many possible causes of ankle pain, from serious conditions to ankle injuries, sprains, fractures, etc., to long-term problems such as arthritis.  Ankle pain is usually intense or mild (dull), especially felt when moving the ankle or while lifting weights.


 Causes of ankle pain:

 Sometimes the leg may turn outward and then, upon supporting the ligaments, becomes too much overload, which can cause a bend.  Often, muscle tissue breaks down, and bone fractures.  Any of these injuries cause severe pain in the ankle.  As the injured part of the foot dries up, movement becomes impossible, and its normal color changes in the surrounding tissue.

 Ankle pain is not always visible due to sudden rotational movements.  Tendinitis can also cause painful sensations.  With tendinitis, the tendon tissue connecting the bones of the leg with the muscles of the lower leg is dry.  Stimulate that the disease can be long walking, standing on the legs for a long time, very fast descent, or tedious recovery. Loading is the particularly weak tendon that grows from the back to the ankle surface, from the heel.  begins.  It is the Achilles tendon. It is subject to pulling and tearing quite often.

 An ankle bag can suffer from bursitis (an inflammatory process due to excessive stress) and then ankle pain is unavoidable.

 Active sports activities (basketball, football, aerobics) often occur with injuries that result in a crack or fracture of the ankle.  Ankle pain can be irritating for a long time, and as such damage is not easy to detect.  For example, it takes about 6 weeks from the time of injury, so that after undergoing X-rays, the doctor can detect an ankle fracture.

 Those who neglect the careful selection of their shoes often have to bear ankle pain.  The human foot is acceptable to walk on a hard surface and replace the foot, and if the shoe has been incorrectly lifted and makes the foot worse, the injury is more likely.  Buy shoes must be strong in size, with a pro, sunburned, and tailored for a special case, especially important for sports shoes and it is important to remember that shoes only last for eight months.  Provide good support, so wearing it for many seasons is not recommended.

 Some of his symptoms include ankle pain in some diseases.  When gout jerks, it is the partner of inflammation in the joints, when uric acid accumulates in it.

 In humans with exacerbated arthritis or injured spurs bone in patients suffering from ankle pain and nerve damage, there is also the process of blood circulation, which separate small pieces of interarticular cartilage or bone.

 Symptoms of ankle pain:

 Constant intense pain.

 There is swelling in the joints.

 The skin around the joints feels warm.

 Indigestion on the ankle and pain on touching are known.

 The ankle is hard to bend.

 The ankle has difficulty moving.

 Trouble walking.

 Unable to lift the weight on the affected ankle leg.

 Lumps or any other deformity may be seen in the ankle.

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