Acne Symptoms and Causes

  What is acne? 

 Acne is basically a disorder related to the oil gland (oil gland).  These oils are under the Gland skin.  Due to hormonal changes, the activity of the oil gland increases in the teenage years (or during periods in the case of women) causing pimples.

 Skin follicles or pores are attached to oil gland cells (cells) from inside, due to which sebum oil is formed in the skin follicles of the skin.  Sebum helps to bring bad cells out of the pores and create new cells.  But when more sebum oil starts forming due to hormone imbalance, then this oil closes these pores, causing pimples or rash.  Bacteria grow in sebum also close the pores and give rise to acne.

 Causes of Acne:

 1. Stopping of secretions from the fat glands due to closure of the pores of the skin.

 2. The problem of this disease can sometimes be hereditary.

 3. If you have stomach problems like constipation or any other problem then you can get acne.

 4. This problem can also be caused by wrong eating.

 5. Different uses and use of cream on the face also cause this problem.

 6. Wash, mud, sweat, and contaminated environment are also a reason for this problem.

 7. Changes in hormones in adolescence can also be the cause of acne.

 8. Mental stress and anxiety can also be the cause of acne.

 9. Pimples are also caused due to oily skin.

 10. If you are related to other diseases or using birth control pills, then acne can be a problem.

 11. If you use too much oily junk food in food, you can still get Acne.

 Symptoms of acne:

 Redness of the skin- If a person’s skin turns red, then it can be a symptom of acne.

 Skin itching- It has been seen many times that itching starts on the skin due to acne.

 Skin pain- If a person has pain in his skin, he should not ignore it as it can be a symptom of acne.

 Heat sensation- Most people consider applying heat in large quantities and this is why they do not try to find out its cause.

 Pimples- If a person has pimples on the face, shoulders, and back, it can be a symptom of acne.

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