Vaginal Itching Symptoms and Causes

 What is Vaginal Itching?

 Itching in the vagina or genitalia is a common problem and every woman has to face it at some point in her life.  This is because vaginal itching is a sign of many problems.  Such as hormonal oscillations during pregnancy, pregnancy, and from menopause to yeast infection.  In many cases, this itching problem can also be an early sign of STD-like trichomoniasis.

 Usually, the problem of itching in the vagina is cured on its own without any treatment.  But if there is any mild bacterial or fungal infection, then applying for OTC medicine like Hydrocortisone ointment provides relief in itching.  In some cases, using home remedies such as aloe vera gel can also relieve the itching problem.


 Causes of Vaginal Itching:

 Yeast infection: There are many types of bacteria and fungi in the vagina.  Usually, they remain in the vagina while maintaining a healthy balance.  But if you take antibiotics, if you are pregnant or taking hormone therapy, then the amount of estrogen in the body increases, and then the amount of mildew and bad bacteria is more than the good bacteria.  This causes yeast infection.

 Contact dermatitis: If you see a red itchy rash in the vagina, then you have a contact dermatitis problem and it can also be due to these reasons:

 Allergic to latex condoms or vaginal lubricants.

 Skin irritation with new soap, and sanitary napkins.

 Wearing too-tight underwear.

 An activity like cycling long distances.

 Sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, warts or lumps in the genitalia, and herpes in the genitalia are some of the sexually transmitted diseases that cause genital itching along with many other symptoms.

 Hormonal change: If there is a change in the level of sex hormones in the body, it can also cause genital itching.  During menopause, when estrogen levels in the body decrease, it also causes dryness and itching in the vagina.  Many women also have genital itching during menstruation.

 Bacterial vaginosis: This is an infection in which the balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina begins to deteriorate.  In this way, apart from itching in the genital area, there starts smelly white discharge and there is a burning sensation during urination.  Having unprotected sex, sex with a new partner, douching, or steaming in the vagina is also at risk of bacterial vaginosis.

 Hair removal of pubic area: Due to shaving or waxing in the pubic area, there is also a lot of redness due to which itching occurs.  If you are waxing in the pubic area for the first time, then first know that you are not allergic to wax.

 Symptoms of vaginal itching:

 Abnormal vaginal discharge, color change of discharge, and strange smell.

 Itching or burning in the vagina.

 Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

 Burning sensation outside the vagina during urination.

 Swelling and redness.

 Vaginal discharge can be white or green in color.

 Burning or feeling pain during urination.

 Vaginal pain.

 Vaginal dryness.

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