Sleep paralysis Symptoms, Causes and sleep paralysis prevention

Sleep paralysis Symptoms, Causes, and sleep paralysis prevention

 What is sleep paralysis?

    In this disease, the patient cannot move the body during sleep or after waking up, the patient is unable to speak.  This is a very intimidating condition and it resolves after a few minutes.  According to experts, you cannot move your body during sleep, it may be related to some internal problem.

   In this, the patient feels that he has woken up from sleep but cannot move his body.  And the patient cannot even speak.  This is more when you wake up in the middle of sleep.  In this, some people express as suffocating and scary.  In this, the patient cannot move and speak his body for a few seconds to a few minutes.

 Causes of sleep paralysis:

 Rapid eye movement is a phase of sleep in which the brain is moving.  Dreams also come during this, no account of the body remains sealed except for the eyes and breathing muscles.  This happens so that there is no movement while dreaming.

 Not being able to get enough sleep.

 A change in the habit while sleeping.

 reasons for mental stress.

 Leg cramps at bedtime

 Due to side effects of medicines.


 Sleep paralysis can occur at any age.  Sleep paralysis is a common problem for 4 out of every 10 people.  This disease can be easily detected at a young age.  The disease has also been found to be genetic.

 Symptoms of sleep paralysis:

 One of the main symptoms is not able to move the body after waking from sleep at bedtime.

 The patient remains fully conscious even at bedtime.

 The patient is not spoken to.

 There is a sensation in the body.

 The patient is scared.

 There is a problem with breathing.

 Chest pressure is experienced.

 The patient has a headache.

 Excess of sweat comes.

 It feels like death is about to happen.

 There remains a kind of madness.

 Muscle aches.

 Being tired due to not getting enough sleep.

 Scary dreams while sleeping.

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prevention sleep paralysis:

 It is necessary to get enough sleep to avoid sleep paralysis.  Sleep guidelines should be followed for the prevention of sleep paralysis.  It is necessary to regularly make a habit of sleeping at the right time.  So that you can get enough sleep.  Sleep reasons should be avoided.

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