Otorrhoea Symptoms, causes and Complications

Otorrhoea Symptoms causes and Complications

What is Otorrhoea?

   The ear is an organ that is very close to the brain.  Any infection spread in the ear can reach the brain very soon.  Do not forget to consider ear blowing as normal.  Itching and pain can also occur along with running ears due to mildew in the outer ear.  40% of people in India are suffering from earbuding. Earbuding is considered a simple disease but in reality, it is not.  People get home remedies when the ear is flowing, due to which the disease gets aggravated and takes a serious form.  If the problem of the ear is prolonged, the patient may become deaf and other infectious diseases of the ear occur.


 Causes of otorrhoea:

 If the ear curtain breaks and water runs in the ear, then the ear starts flowing.

 People who keep their ears crossed

 The ear starts flowing even after adenoid problems occur.

 Such people, who have been suffering from colds for a long time, their ears also start flowing.

 Even if there is a tumor inside the ear, there is a problem of the sister of the ear.

 Swelling in the ear is also a cause of ear inflammation.

 The ear starts flowing even if there is a pus in the ear.

 Ear infection occurs when there is an infection in the ear.

 Allergic disease in the ear is also often seen, some people are also fond of putting medicine in the ear, these medicines can also be allergic.

 If there is a hole in the ear screen, then the ear starts flowing.

 If the tonsil disease becomes chronic, then there is a hole in the ear and the disease spreads inside.

 Children, who have less ability to fight against diseases, especially children younger than 2 years, are more likely to get ears due to frequent colds.

 Ear congestion is greater in children with congenital deficiencies of the head and face.

 If there is a serious head injury, then the ear flows.

 Such children who breathe through the mouth also have higher flow of ear.

 Bottle-feeding children are more prone to ear diseases.

 Applying hot oil damages the ear skin.

 Use of oxide on hydrogen or injecting other dirty liquids into the ear.

 Taking a dirty pond or taking a bath during the rainy season.

 Symptoms of otorrhoea:

 If a mixed substance comes from the ear, there is a possibility of injury or tumor.

 If smelly discharge comes from the ear, there is a possibility of swelling in the ear.

 If pus comes out from the ear, then there is pock in the ear.

 If the pus from the ear is like water, then the middle part of the ear swells.

 There is heaviness in the ears.

 There is pain in the ear of the patient.

 Different types of sounds come from the ears.

 There is a headache.

 There can also be pain in the eyelids.

 Secretion comes out of the ear continuously or stopping.

 The secretion from the ear is sticky and thick.

 The patient complains of fever.

 Hearing power gradually decreases.

 Blood can also come out of the ear.

 Complications of otorrhoea:

 Along with the ear flowing, the patient may also have vomiting and dizziness and if the hearing power gradually decreases from the ear, then a specialist should be consulted immediately.

 The bone behind the ear starts to thaw when the ear is flowing.

 Has an effect on the muscles of the face.

 If an ear infection reaches the brain, serious diseases like meningitis occur.

 Children’s intelligence is reduced.

 The ability of children to learn and read is reduced when their ears are flowing, children remain troubled by other problems.

 There is a problem in speaking too.

 Mental problems arise.

 The ear curtain is pierced.

 The patient may be deaf.

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