Mumps Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Mumps Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is mumps?

 Mumps is an acute contagious disease.  In which the glands near the ears become swollen.  Its attack spreads to children above 3 years of age.  Due to this being a viral disease, in this disease, while speaking or coughing the patient, the spit of his sputum can spread to the other person.  Especially at the time when the patient is speaking or coughing in a room where there is not enough air to go.  People who have ever had this disease can also become patients due to infection.

 Symptoms of mumps:

  •  The patient has a mild fever.
  •  The patient feels nauseated.
  •  The patient remains tired.
  •  Appetite decreases.
  •  There is pain near the ear and problems eating food within 24 hours of infection.
  •  The patient feels cold.
  •  There is a feeling of discomfort in the glands at the jaw joint.
  •  When the disease progresses, the glands become inflamed.
  •  There is a pain in the glands.
  •  Pressing around the ears causes pain.
  •  Pressing the swollen area causes pain.
  •  The skin color turns light red over the swelling.
  •  The patient has a headache, and difficulty swallowing food.
  •  Body temperature ranges from 103 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit.

     Sometimes after the disease is cured, there is swelling and pain in the testicles in boys.  Swelling in girls’ ovaries, sometimes swelling in the breast, inflammation in the brain membrane and brain, inflammation in the pancreas, inflammation in the kidney, and sometimes swelling of the heart muscle.  The patient may be deaf.  Swelling has also been seen in joints.

 Causes of mumps?

     The infection of this disease is caused by many types of viruses. These micro-organisms live in the saliva of the patient so that the disease is spread by the patient’s handkerchief, etc. About 20 days after the disease is cured, there is a fear of stopping transmission of this disease.  Untouchability is a disease.

    It happens to children and young people and it happens more to men than women, mostly it occurs in children between the ages of 5 to 15 years, but sometimes grow also have to suffer from this disease, in that case, it is more  It is mostly due to people living in congested places in cities, more than 6 months old children get enough antibodies from mother’s milk which protects them from mumps and other diseases.

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