Leucorrhoea Symptoms and Causes

What is leucorrhoea?

 Leukemia is called the problem of white discharge.  This problem occurs in women.  It can happen at any age.  In the problem of leukemia, a sticky white discharge comes out from the urine, it is also smelly.  If there is a little white discharge then it is not a problem, but if this type of discharge is happening for several days then it can be a worrying thing.  For this, it is necessary to get a checkup done by a doctor.

 Causes of Leucorrhoea:

 In unmarried women, it occurs due to lack of nutrition, vaginal uncleanliness, anemia, and eating fried and spicy food.

 Leucorrhoea is caused by a bacteria called ‘Trichomonas vaginales’ in the vagina.

 Having or having repeated abortions.

 Leukorrhea is caused by an infectious disease called fungal yeast in the vagina of women with diabetes.

 Infection caused by abnormal sexual intercourse.

 Due to the weakening of the body’s immunity.

 Due to stress and hard work.

 When Copper-T is attached.

 Symptoms of Leukorrhea:

 Feeling of weakness

 Pain in hands-legs and waist-abdominal-pelvis.

 Stretch in the calves.

 body heavy.



 Darkness before the eyes.

 Loss of appetite

 Not having clean defecation.

 Frequent urine.

 Heaviness in the stomach.

 Getting nausea.

 Vaginal itching.

 Symptoms of this disease are a white sticky discharge before, or after menstruation.  Due to this, the face of the patient becomes pale.  Apart from this, the situation becomes even more troublesome when gradually the young woman also starts appearing of age due to this problem.

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