Leprosy symptoms and causes

 What is Leprosy?

 There is a centuries-old disease that was considered untouchable at that time.  This is unlike other diseases because the social stigma arising out of fear, ignorance, and superstition hinders the detection and treatment of the disease.  Leprosy can occur at any age, from infants to old people.

 It is a type of bacterial infection spread by bacteria called “Mycobacterium leprae”.  It is a long-lasting and continuously growing infection.  This infection mainly affects the body’s veins, extremities, nasal lining, and upper respiratory tract.  Leprosy damages nerves and causes skin lesions and muscle weakness.


 Causes of Leprosy:

 This infection can affect another person when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

 If an infected person has a cold, the liquid coming out of his nose can spread the bacteria of leprosy.

 By hugging or shaking hands with an infected person.

 Children are more at risk of spreading than adults.

 Individuals with weak immunity can come into the grip of this infection early.

 Symptoms of Leprosy:

 During rashes or leprosy, white rashes on our bodies start appearing.  These marks are numb, that is, there is no sensation in them.  If you will see some sharp thing in this place, then you will not feel pain.  These patches or spots may start on any part of the body, which, if not treated properly, can spread throughout the body.

 Not just prick, but the patient of Leprosy does not feel cold or hot weather and objects in different parts of the body, especially in the hands and feet.  Injuries, burns, or cuts in the affected organs are also not detected.  Due to this, the disease starts taking more terrible forms and the body starts to tingle.

 The patient with Leprosy starts having trouble blinking an eyelid.  Because leprae bacteria dominate the patient’s eye veins and affect their sensations and signals.  In such a situation, the patient does not remember to blink an eyelid and does not even blink.  Due to this, our eyes are dry due to being open at all times, and our ability to see is affected.  Many diseases related to the eyes begin to flourish.

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