Injury Symptoms and Causes

 What is the injury?

 Any type of damage to your body is called an injury.  Accidents and any kind of products during the home office or on the farm can cause injury to you, due to fighting or fighting fights, and can injure you with sharp objects or body penetrating objects.  Common types of injuries are scratches, fractures, joints moving from their place, scratches, strains, and burns.  The injury may be minor or severe.  In some cases, there may be a minor visible injury.  It requires immediate medical treatment.


 Causes of injury: –

 1-External Causes- You may get external injuries if an accident, collision, or being killed by someone.  Due to this fracture or movement of bones from their place can be the same problem.

 2-Internal Causes – Sudden activity can cause muscle and “tendon” sprains and may also rupture.  This problem can also be caused by the overuse of meat.  The injury may be minor or severe.

 There are other reasons for injuries.

 1-muscle weakness.

 2- Too old or too young.

 Participating in 3 Games.

 4-Mirchi and other disorders related to nerves.

 5-Exercising the wrong way.

 6 – Being overweight.

 7-Do does not use the equipment for safety while playing.

 Symptoms of Injury: –

 Many times symptoms begin at the same time after the injury.  But sometimes symptoms appear slowly and increase.  If you do not pay attention to the symptoms of the injury, they do not provide any treatment for the injury, then you may have problems for a long time.  Do not ignore the following symptoms-

 1-joint pain, especially knee, ankle, knee, and wrist pain should never be ignored.

 2- Pain on touching and you have bone flesh muscle, if there is pain on touching the joint, then there may be some injury.

Prevention of Injury :

 Learn the correct technique of 1 exercise.

 2-Use ice at the affected area for recent pain.

 3-Take anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce inflammation.

 4-Warm up before exercising.

 5 – Wear light clothing while playing or exercising so that sweat can dry up.

 6 – Get enough rest.

 7-Do does not ignore symptoms like pain, tension, and discomfort.

 8-Stay away from activities that may hurt you.

 9-Follow the traffic rules to avoid getting hurt by an accident and must wear a seat belt while driving.

 Wear a helmet while driving a 10-wheeler.

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