Herpes Symptoms and Causes

 What is herpes?

 Herpes zoster is a disease in which small watery grains appear on our skin.  In this disease, several grains come out simultaneously on the same side of the patient’s body on the same side.  Much research has revealed that after 40 it is more likely.  It hurts awfully.

 Herpes is one such disease.  Which spreads on small skin the skin, these donations are filled with water, which causes more pain.  Which makes the skin more sensitive.  It is clearly visible on the skin.  In many types of research, the researcher has stated that herpes infection is more likely to occur after the age of 40 and it is highly painful.  This disease is especially caused to those who have suffered from chicken pox.


 Causes of herpes:

 Herpes infection is more due to contact with each other.

 If a healthy person uses the things used by a person suffering from herpes infection, then this infection will also occur.

 Herpes infection can occur in other individuals through the eyes.

 Spreads due to genital contact with an infected person.

 This infection is also spread by making a close connection with the mouth bark.

 The person gets pimples on the skin due to infection.

 Due to sexual intercourse, herpes infection occurs in the vulva.

 Symptoms of herpes:

 When this disease occurs, watery grains appear on the skin on one side of the patient’s body.  Because of this, the patient has itching or pain or irritation or numbness, or tingling in the skin.  Not only this, the place where this rash comes out, the skin there becomes very sensitive and it hurts on touching it.  The patient starts to have pain before these grains come out.  After a few days of pain, red pimples start coming out on the skin of that place.  Gradually, these grains are filled with water.  Apart from this, many patients start complaining of fever, joint pain, headache, fatigue, etc.  Pain in pimples is the main symptom of this disease.  In many patients, this pain is severe.  Mostly, these rashes grow in the upper part of our body.  They come out from the back to the chest itself.  Many times, this rash also comes out on one side of our eyes or neck, or face.

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