Heart Palpitation Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Heart Palpitation Symptoms Causes and Treatment

What is Heart Palpitation?

   An abnormally fast or irregular heartbeat that the patient feels is called heart palpitation, many patients come with complaints of a heartbeat.  A feeling of heartbeat means that the heartbeat is fast due to this, the main reason is the decrease or decrease in the speed of the heartbeat, the rhythm of his heart worsens and the loudness of the beats.

 Your own heartbeat is heard against us against our will, it is called beating the heart at a fast pace.  Each patient speaks of this condition differently.  If someone says that it is breathless, then it is like flapping, chest blowing, chest throbbing, horse racing, different sound in the chest, etc.  Such a heartbeat is felt especially at night and while the person is thinking.


 Reasons for Heart Palpitation :

 To constantly think about something

 Eat more food.

 Excessive exercise.

 Do some heavy work.

 Drink plenty of tea and coffee.

 Excess consumption of alcohol and smoking.

 A disorder of the heart at the time of birth of children.

 Excess hormone production in the thyroid gland in the neck.

 Adrenal gland tumor.

 At the time of conception.

 At the time of menstruation.


 The use of various medicines also increases heartbeat.

 Hard block.

 Increased blood cholesterol.

 Mental debility.

 Menstrual disturbances.

 To have more children.

 Heart failure


 In case of acidity problem.

 Excess intake of tea, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol.

 Due to high blood pressure.

 Symptoms of Heart Palpitation :

 The patient’s heart beats more than usual.

 There is a pain in the left shoulder.

 Pain is allowed around the heart before beating.

 Excess of heartbeat causes pain to the patient

 The nose becomes somewhat red.

 There is restlessness in the heart.

 The heart can hear the heartbeat itself.

 In the case of disease, the lips and temples become red.

 The disease attack lasts from a few seconds to several hours.

 The patient’s breath swells.

 The patient feels dizzy.


 Menstruation changes in women.

 The patient feels dizzy.

 Only after walking a little distance, the heart starts beating fast.


 Avoidance of Heart Palpitation :

 Don’t rush too much.

 Exercise regularly.

 Be more open-air.

 Stop consuming tea, and coffee.

 If the patient complains of constipation then resolve it.

 avoid stress.

 Stop smoking and alcohol consumption.

 Do not consume any substance that causes acidity.


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