Fryns Syndrome Symptoms and Causes

Fryns Syndrome Symptoms and Causes

 What is Fryns syndrome?

     It is a disease in which many parts of the body are affected.  In Fryns syndrome many parts of the body do not develop, in which the signs and symptoms vary.  In this disease, there can be many problems related to the diagram, the diaphragm is the place that stays between the chest and the stomach.  There is every possibility of having a congenital hernia.  When there is a hole in the diaphragm, there is a risk of the stomach and intestines coming up.  Due to this lung diseases occur and children have problems in breathing.  The lungs do not develop properly.  Due to this, the child dies very soon.

 Causes of Fryns syndrome:

        So far, no such thing has been obtained, due to which this disease can occur.  Therefore, there is no main reason for this disease.  It is more in the members of the same family and hence it is considered to be genetic.  Some people believe that the disease is caused by bad parents.  This disease is found to be congenital.  Due to this, the condition is undetectable and the child dies very soon.

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 Symptoms of Frynes syndrome:

 The baby has a large mouth.

 Hands and toes are uncommon.

 The shape of the ear is abnormal.

 The ear is slightly below its place.

 The distance between the nose and upper lip is longer.

 A greater distance between the two eyes is found.

 Abnormalities are also found in facial texture.

 Having a disability.

 Delay in understanding.

 Development delays.

 There are abnormalities in the mind, heart, kidneys, etc.

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