Earache ( Ear pain ) Symptoms and Causes

What is earache?

 Earache or earache is a pain that occurs in the inner part of the ear.  Most earaches are caused by inflammation or infection in the middle of the ear.  Although ear pain is mostly seen in children, adults can also develop problems such as middle ear infections or otitis media.  Ear pain usually doesn’t indicate a serious problem, but it can be quite painful.


 Causes of ear pain:

 If the cold and cold persist for a long time, then there may be a pain in the ear.

 Ear pain can occur due to rupture of the eardrum or a hole in the eardrum, there can be many reasons for this, such as putting an object in the ear, severe head injury, very loud noise, or middle ear infection.

 Otitis media is a common cause of ear pain in children.  This is an infection occurring in the middle ear.  There is severe pain in the ear.  Other symptoms include high fever, persistent ear pain, and difficulty in hearing.

 Ear pain also occurs due to water getting into the ear or due to the accumulation of wax.

 The most common cause of ear pain in children is an infection or cold, or it becomes painful to clean the ear with a sharp object.


 Many times while taking a bath, soap or shampoo left in the ear also causes pain in the ear.

 Ear barotrauma is most commonly experienced during skydiving, scuba diving, or airplane flights, as when the plane takes off for landing, the difference between atmospheric pressure and ear pressure exerts pressure on the eardrum by creating a vacuum in the middle ear, causing the ear  I have pain.  The main causes of barotrauma are sudden changes in ear pressure and other causes include swelling of the throat, nasal congestion due to allergies, and respiratory infections.  In the case of barotrauma, there is a pain in the ear and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

 Bleeding of the eardrum is also one of the main causes of ear pain.  Due to damage to this sensitive place due to any reason, pain starts in the ear.  Due to the insertion of a pen, safety pin, or any other sharp object in the ear, severe head injury, and hearing a very loud sound,


 Scratching the ear with a fine object.

 Sinus infection also causes ear pain.  Sinuses are air-filled spaces found in the skull behind our forehead, nasal bones, cheeks, and eyes.  Can flow through healthy sinuses, but blockage of sinus mucus leads to infection and inflammation of the sinuses.  Due to this reason, there is a pain in the ear.

 Due to bacterial infection in the tooth, ear pain also starts.  Due to a cavity or infection in the tooth, sometimes the infection spreads to the bones supporting the tooth and causes severe pain.

 Swelling in the jaw

 Pimples in ear

 There is also pain due to the entry of any foreign object or insect into the ear.


 Symptoms of ear pain:

 Sometimes due to pain in the ear, it is not possible to hear properly.  Some people also have fluid coming out of their ears.  Due to earache, symptoms like intermittent hearing, fever, difficulty sleeping, ear strain, irritability, headache, and loss of appetite can be seen in children.


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