Depression : Symptoms, Causes and Types

Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Types

What is depression?

        Depression is a brain problem that, along with keeping a person depressed, reduces his ability to think.  It is very difficult for him to take any decision.

      There are fluctuations in a person’s life, these things also have an effect on the person’s brain, mostly these effects are transient when this effect lasts for a long time, it is called depression.  Depression has both a mental and physical impact on the person.  He does not feel like doing anything, always sitting sad and sad.

      Depression is a type of disease that can engulf anyone.  When sadness enters the depths of the mind and is so covered that it does not feel good and does not want to live, it becomes a disease.  Which is called depression.  The patient has the desire to commit suicide if the depression persists for a long time.  It also has an effect on the body and individuals become sick from both mind and body.

 Cause of depression :

 Depression can occur in people suffering from a serious illness.

 Depression is also caused by taking blood pressure medicine.

 This disease is more common in puberty and old age.

 This disease is mainly due to simulating the chemical secretion of the brain, it is not only a mental but also a physical disease.

 This disease is also caused by wrong eating.

 Older abdominal patients often develop depression.

 Types of depression:

 There are two main types of depression –

 1 – Indigenous depression:

      In such depression, the patient remains depressed all the time, the patient thinks that now days will come, due to which the patient starts feeling unhappy.  The patient’s hunger is also reduced.  There is tiredness all the time, sleep also does not come properly.  The patient thinks of committing suicide.

 2 – Neurotic Depression:

     The patient remains depressed but he is affected by the surrounding events. He can feel happiness and sorrow.  The patient experiences tiredness and irritability.  The patient does not want to work.  The idea of ​​committing suicide is low.

 Symptoms of depression: 

  •  The patient remains unhappy.
  •  The patient does not like to meet anyone.
  •  The patient prefers to be alone.
  •  He avoids making excuses to avoid meetings.
  •  The patient talks very slowly.
  •  There is no desire to work with the patient.
  •  It is always in his mind that I will not be able to do anything.
  •  The patient can remain for several days without speaking and without eating.
  •  The patient feels weakness all the time.
  •  The patient does not sleep properly but some patients complain of getting sleep all the time.
  •  Appetite also starts decreasing.
  •  Tears fall from the eyes.
  •  The patient complains of headaches.
  •  Some patients think that there are insects in their bodies.  Their stomach, intestines, and liver have deteriorated, and their brain has deteriorated.

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  •  The patient is angry.
  •  Depression patients start hating.
  •  Used to understand the burden on society.
  •  The patient suddenly starts crying.
  •  Due to depression, the patient starts crying in front of others.
  •   The patient thinks that he is a great sinner or a criminal.
  •  In depression, about 15% of the patients commit suicide.
  •  The idea of ​​committing suicide in depression is an important symptom.

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