Chickenpox Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Chickenpox Symptoms Causes and Prevention

 What is chicken pox?

    Chickenpox is a contagious and fatal disease.  Chickenpox is also known as smallpox.  The disease spreads from one person to another.  This virus is spread by the use of clothes, combs, etc. of another person.  It is caused by an infection with a virus called varicella zoster.  The disease is spread through the air or through exposure to fluids emitted from saliva, phlegm and grains of infected person.  The infection may spread by the infected person until the chicken pox becomes dry.  Symptoms usually take about 10–21 days to develop after contacting the virus.

 Reasons for smallpox:

  Chickenpox spreads due to an infection called varicola.  This virus can spread in the following ways –

   When a person suffering from chicken pox cough or sneeze, the virus of smallpox enters the healthy person’s body through the air and this virus soon engages the healthy person as well.

 The virus that spreads through the air can reach others through ventilator systems located in buildings.

 The virus is also spread through contaminated objects.

 The virus is also spread in healthy people by using clothes, towels, comb, etc. of the pox patient.

 Symptoms of chickenpox:

 The patient has a headache.

 The patient remains tired all the time.

 There is pain in the back.

 The patient complains of fever.

 There is restlessness in the body.

 The patient vomits.

 After a few days, red spots start playing on the face, hands, feet and waist etc.

 Blisters are formed on the skin.

 These fufolos are present.

 A few days later, it becomes a crust.

 This crust falls off leaving a scar.

 The patient has a sore throat and coughs.

 There is very severe itching in the grains.

 The patient’s appetite decreases.

 Irritability occurs in the patient.

 The patient also has a mild cold with fever.

 Chickenpox Prevention:

    Keep the patient completely separate from the others: Thousands of viruses continue to spread from the breath of the sick patient to the environment near the patient at the right time to protect them, and it starts a few days before the rash starts.  The dryness over the grains continues till freezing.  Therefore, other children in the home, nearby neighborhood, class, school can also have chicken pox when the elder or children become chicken pox.  Therefore it is important to keep the patient separate from other people.  Do not play with the children of the neighborhood, do not send to school so that other children do not unnecessarily fall into the clutches of the disease and keep the elders and children who come in contact with the patient separately for some time.

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 Risks and complications of chicken pox:

    It is against their traditions to seek medical advice for the patient.  Due to which the disease worsens greatly.  Do not eat medicine, do not keep the patient clean, do not take any bath, etc., the seeds fall out.  Due to which this disease takes serious form.  Due to the infection of the grains, the face and body become stains without any damage.  The patient gets pneumonia.  Swelling comes on the patient’s brain.  Pus flows through the ear.  The patient’s eyesight decreases.  There is an infection in the eyes.  Swelling comes on the liver.  The patient may have dehydration problems.

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