Bronchitis symptoms and causes

What is bronchitis?

  Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the trachea.  The tubes that carry air from the trachea to the lungs are called bronchi.  In this, the walls of the bronchi become unnecessarily weak due to infection and inflammation, due to which they become shaped like balloons.  This swelling causes more mucus than normal, as well as these walls, are unable to push out the accumulated mucus.  As a result, there is a severe accumulation of thick mucus in the respiratory tubes which causes obstruction in the tubes, due to this blockage, the lung part attached to the tubes is severely damaged and destroyed, or the balloon becomes swollen.  .  The lungs and respiratory tract located in the damaged part are unable to perform their work smoothly and various types of complications arise in the body of the patient.


 Causes of bronchitis:

  Acute bronchitis :

 Acute bronchitis causes viral and bacterial infections, environmental factors, and other lung conditions.

 Viral infection: Viruses cause acute bronchitis in 85 to 95 percent of adults.  Viruses that cause the common cold or flu can also cause acute bronchitis.

 Bacterial infection: In rare cases, bacterial bronchitis may develop after a viral infection of bronchitis.  This can be caused by bacteria such as Mycoplasma pneumonia, Chlamydia pneumonia, and Bordetella pertussis (which causes whooping cough).

 Stimulants: Breathing stimulants such as smoke, mist, or chemical fumes can cause inflammation in your airways and bronchial tubes leading to acute bronchitis.

 Other conditions: People with chronic bronchitis or asthma can sometimes have acute bronchitis.  In these cases, acute bronchitis is not contagious because it was not caused by an infection.


 Chronic bronchitis:

 There can be many reasons for chronic bronchitis, but the main reason for this is cigarette smoke.  US Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that about 49% of smokers have chronic bronchitis and 24% have emphysema / COPD.

 Many other breathing problems (eg mist, industrial pollutants, and solvents) can also cause chronic bronchitis.

 Viral and bacterial infections that cause acute bronchitis can also cause chronic bronchitis if people have repeatedly been exposed to infectious agents.

 In addition, underlying disease processes (eg asthma, cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency, congestive heart failure, family heredity of bronchitis and bronchiectasis) can cause chronic bronchitis.


 Symptoms of bronchitis:

 Cough (most common symptom)

 Mucus formation (clear, yellow, green, or even blood)

 Fever (abnormal; with cough, influenza, or pneumonia)

 Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea (rare)

 General malaise and chest pain (in severe cases)

 Dyspnea and cyanosis (seen only with underlying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] or any other condition that impairs lung function).

 Sore throat.

 Runny or stuffy nose.


 Muscle ache.

 Excessive fatigue.


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