What is the treatment if your partner doubts you so much for your character

Just as we doubt what might happen in our lives by taking a new job or moving to another city, relationships are in doubt when things move in a new direction.  Doubt often comes, for example, when a new level of relationship presents itself, such as moving on or getting married.

Doubt can hide your fear.

  Often this is a fear of intimacy.  If your doubts are rising like a mad chorus with every step toward a more committed relationship, you might want to see that you’re afraid to have someone share and share your life with you.

Suspicion can be a form of sabotage. 

   If you have a fear of intimacy, suspicion can be a secret way to sabotage your relationship and push away the person you love before you even realize what you’re going through.

Journaling can often help:

 Free writing about your doubts can often help you see where they really come from as if they’re really just a doubt you’re bringing up from a previous relationship.

 Beware of over-talking your doubts to the wrong people:

  Doubts are often just fear and anxiety over real problems.  But talk too much about them, say, your friend who is jealous of your relationship, or your mother who never likes any girl, and they may be able to turn those doubts into real issues by bringing up biased views.  going to help.  Try to spend time-solving your doubts for yourself first, then talk to someone you really trust, or even to a relationship coach.

Balance your doubts with an equal focus on what is working :

   Many of us have brains that are trained to focus on the negative, meaning we don’t even notice the positive unless we choose to. Try spending time every morning going through five things that are going right with your relationship. Or keep a list you can add to and review in trickier moments about all the ways the relationship works and your partner is just what you need.

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