Top 50 Home Remedies for diarrhea

Top 50 Home Remedies for diarrhea.

Top 50 Home Remedies for diarrhea

 By eating other food in lieu of a favorable diet in the stomach, the digestive system is not able to digest it and goes out of the body undigested or undigested.  In this condition, there are frequent diarrhea, if not controlled soon, the body becomes weak.


1. Taking decoction of bark of Kutaj (Koraya) and pomegranate tree with honey is beneficial.

 2. After filtering the inner bark of mango, mix it with water and mix sugar or sugar candy, it stops diarrhea.

 3. In children’s diarrhea, giving powder of dry gooseberry, chitrak, small myrobalan and peepal with warm water in the morning and evening is beneficial in diarrhoea.

 4. Make ten puris by grinding 10 grams powder of tamarind seeds, 15 grams ground cumin seeds and 15 grams sugar candy.  Taking 1-1 pudding with buttermilk at an interval of 3-9 hours is beneficial in diarrhoea.

 5. Taking two bananas, half a loaf with curd twice a day ends diarrhea.

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 6. Taking fresh juice of jamun bark with goat’s milk is beneficial in diarrhoea.  Mild diarrhea gets better quickly.

 7. By dissolving the pulp of jamun in water, making a sherbet and drinking it, vomiting-diarrhoea, nausea etc. are cured.

 8. Mixing a little ground cumin seeds in a cup of water of coconut (Girly Gola) ends diarrhea in summer.

 9. Grind opium with lemon juice and lick it, it is beneficial in diarrhoea.

 10. Mixing 5 grams powder of Belgiri and one-fourth grain of opium (about 16 mg) gives 4 doses in a day, it is beneficial.

 11. In diarrhea of ​​children, licking a dry piece of bael mixed with fennel seeds on a clean stone, adding a spoonful of sugar or honey 2-3 times a day, cures diarrhea in children.

 12. Dry the peels of oranges and grind them finely.  After licking this powder, drinking orange juice from above ends pregnant diarrhea and vomiting.

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 13. Mixing a little orange juice with mother’s milk in the diarrhea of ​​children stops diarrhea in children.

 14. In case of diarrhea and constipation, drinking jackfruit syrup is beneficial.

 By chewing a lot of raw apple and drinking apple juice, digestion power recovers, it prevents diarrhea and loose stools come.

 16. Taking the juice of Sitaphal (Kashiphal, Kadima) or raw fruit cures diarrhea and dysentery.

 By applying ginger juice on the navel, diarrhea stops.

 Mixing a spoonful of ginger juice in half a cup of boiling water and drinking it after 1 hour stops loose motions.

 19 If diarrhea is due to bile, then give Kamarkha juice or sherbet.

 20. Mix opium with onion juice and take, it ends cramps and diarrhea.

 Mixing juice of 21 bitter gourd and onion together stops diarrhea.

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 22. Make a cup of Tulsi’s Panchang (root, trunk, flower, leaves and seeds) and take, it stops diarrhea.

 23. Taking 1 to 5 drops of banyan milk on a bowl stops diarrhea.  Young children also benefit.  Give quantity 1 to 2 drops.  Green-yellow diarrhea is also cured by giving it continuously for 9-4 days.

 24. Rubbing banyan milk on the navel and lying down for a while is beneficial in diarrhoea.

 Grind 25 neem leaves, filter it and mix sugar and take, it stops diarrhea.

 26. Taking coriander juice mixed with buttermilk or lassi is beneficial in dyspepsia and diarrhea.

 27 If children are suffering from diarrhea along with stomach pain, apply oil on the stalk of betel leaf and enter the anus, it will be beneficial.

 Licking the powder of hemp leaves toasted in ghee with honey, it is beneficial in diarrhoea.  Cannabis roasted without ghee is also beneficial.

 29. Taking 5 grams powder of Salbpanja with buttermilk thrice a day cures chronic diarrhoea.  It is also beneficial in rheumatism (urticaria) and dysentery.

 30. Taking a little groundnut with goat’s milk after meals stops more diarrhea.

31. Mix the juice of Til leaves with water and drink it daily, it cures the diseases of urinary system.

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 32. Rice starch is useful in diarrhoea.

 33. Mix one cup of fresh curd with water and one spoon grounded white cumin seeds, it ends loose stools.

 34. Grind nutmeg in water 15-20 times on a stone and dissolve it in a spoonful of cold water and drink it twice a day, it ends loose motions in children.

 35. Taking one gram of nutmeg powder with half a cup of water in the morning and evening provides immense benefits in case of diarrhea in adults.

 36. Taking 1-1 grams each of cinnamon powder with water in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in diarrhea.

 37. Make one and a half grams of cinnamon powder, one and a half grams resin and 3 grams powder of Belgiri and take it with jaggery in the morning, it cures diarrhoea.

 38. Taking fenugreek leaves and fenugreek seeds cures diarrhea, gas, colic, acidity, indigestion etc.

 39. Make a powder by taking equal quantity of roasted and unroasted fennel.  Taking 10-10 grams with whey four times a day provides relief in diarrhoea.

41. Taking 2 spoons of roasted fennel powder 3-4 times a day is beneficial in the anus and thin stools.

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 43. Mix asafetida and camphor in honey and make tablets equal to peas.  Taking 2-4 tablets with water twice a day provides relief in diarrhea.

 44. Abdominal pain in cold diarrhea of ​​children or asafetida dissolved in water and applied on the stomach of children warm, in case of cold diarrhea, it provides quick relief.

 45. Make a powder by mixing dry ginger, rock salt and sinka (roasted) cumin seeds.  Taking 1-1 spoon (5 grams) of powder mixed with buttermilk daily after meals stops chronic diarrhea.

 46. ​​Taking 1-1 spoon powder of gourd of date palm tree twice daily stops diarrhea.

47. Amritdhara 5-7 drops of ginger juice 5 ml.  It is beneficial to consume with.

 48. Small children are suffering from green-yellow diarrhea, taking 5-10 drops of lime water mixed with some water 3-4 times a day is beneficial.  If the child is more than 6 months, then 10 drops, if it is older than one year then give 20 drops per dose.

 49. If loose stools are coming more, then stop using food and give curd water twice a day.

 Mixing 50 drops of curd with water and drinking it twice a day ends diarrhea.

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