Symphytum Mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

Symphytum  Mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit 

Symphytum  Mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit in hindi

 Symphytum Q –

 This medicine is also called bone joint medicine.  Put this medicine in water and soak a cloth pad in it and tie the bone on the broken bone and by repeatedly pouring the medicine, the broken bone is joined.  Pain in the bones due to years, injury to the bones, bone healers can connect the bones of their patients with this medicine.  In the case of bone wounds and canker sores, applying this medicine to the patient repeatedly on the affected area and drinking this medicine after mixing it with water, it cures broken bones in 2 to 4 days.  Due to injury to a person’s thigh, swelling equal to that of walnut developed, by rubbing this medicine, the swelling was cured.  One patient fell on his back.  There was so much pain in his back as if a bone had been broken.  After giving its tincture and soaking cloth pad in it and keeping it on the affected place, it got relief in 2-3 days.  Old non-healing wounds that ooze pus and blood.  This medicine stops the bleeding and pus and heals the wounds.  In London’s famous medical journal Lemset, Dr Thomson President Royal College of Surgeons Ireland published an article, a patient had a cancerous tumor on his face, which grew into the nose.  The effect of cancer had also taken place in the skull of the head, the operation was dangerous.  The patient was asked by someone to tie a poultice of symphytum (bone joint), which cured his spreading cancer.  Mixing 3 to 10 drops in some water, keep giving it 3 times a day and mixing this medicine in 3 times water and drink it 3 times a day and after mixing all this in 3 times water, soak a cloth pad and tie it on the affected bone.

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