Sleep Apnea symptoma and causes

  What is sleep apnea :

 Slip apnea is a common physical disorder that causes problems such as shortness of breath and frequent twitches while sleeping.  Sleep apnea usually occurs when a person stops breathing while sleeping, the breath can stop for a few seconds to a few minutes.  This can happen 30 or more times in an hour.  Sleep apnea can cause sleepiness many times at night, due to which one may feel sleepy or lethargic during the day.  People suffering from sleep apnea may have car accidents or any other type of accident and other body-related problems.  Shortly after sleeping, normal breath sounds like snoring or suffocation.  People with sleep apnea usually snore loudly, although not everyone has problems with snoring.


 Causes of sleep apnea:

 The accumulation of excess fat around the airways or thickening of tissues.

 The muscles that keep the breathing passage open during sleep often become loose with the tongue, causing the airways to shrink.

 Control of the brain nerves for breathing becomes abnormal.

 People whose weight is increased in more quantity.

 Due to the excessive intake of alcohol.

 Excessive use of medicines.

 Sleeping more on the back.

 Excessive smoking.

 Neck thickening.

 Men are twice as likely to have sleep apnea than women.  However, in women, it is more likely to be overweight or during menopause.

 The chances of sleep apnea increase in old age.

 If anyone in the family has a sleep apnea problem, then this problem can happen to any member of the family.

 People who have heart-related diseases are also more likely to have central sleep apnea.

 For people who have had a stroke earlier, the risk factors for central sleep apnea increase significantly.

 Sleep apnea is a problem of waking up frequently due to which there is not enough sleep.

 Causes of heart disease.

 Due to diabetes problem.

 In case of liver problems.

 Symptoms of sleep apnea:

 Strong snoring, is the most well-known symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

 It is difficult to sleep.

 Shortness of breath at bedtime.

 Difficulty paying attention.

 There is more sleep during the day.

 Shortness of breath due to respiratory failure, indicating the possibility of central sleep apnea.

 Sore throat

 The mouth remains dry in the morning.

 There are complaints of headaches.

 Irritability occurs in the patient.

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