Rabies (Hydrophobia) Symptoms and Causes

 What is Rabies (Hydrophobia)?

 Rabies or Hydrophobia is a deadly disease. This disease is caused by a virus. When humans have hydrophobia, they initially have headaches, sore throat, and little fever.  One who stays for 3 – 4 days after that, the patient increases sensitivity to voice, strong light, and cold air, he is also afraid of wind.

 It is caused by the bite of an animal or wild animal in the human body.  The diagnosis of this disease caused by the bite of a mad animal is death itself. Every moment the patient is waiting for death, upon seeing the patient, he gets engulfed in death.  Rabies or hydrophobia is a deadly disease.  It does not have any effect on the quality and miraculous drugs. This disease is an infectious disease infecting the central nervous system.


 Rabies (hydrophobia) is caused by:

 The disease is caused by a virus that scientists have named the Lisa virus.  It is such a dangerous virus.  Who immediately runs into the blood.  The structure of the rabies virus is such that a very thin layer of fat is climbed on it, but by using soap or hot water, this layer is destroyed and the virus is broken.  The virus is in the saliva of the animal, so the wounds caused by the bite of a mad dog should be thoroughly washed immediately with soap and water, then alcohol or any antiseptic ointment should be applied.  But the wound should not be covered nor bandaged on it, after that the person should be taken to a hospital or doctor for advice and treatment as soon as possible.

 The rabies virus is found in excess in the saliva of the patient’s animal.  Even four to five days before the symptoms of rabies are detected, the virus is found in the saliva of the animal.  It is therefore difficult to identify whether or not this animal actually suffers from rabies disease when a person bitten by the animal should contact a physician.

 Usually, this disease occurs in humans within 3 to 8 weeks of rabbit bites.  It takes from 4 days to several years for this disease to flourish.  It lasts from 12 days to 1 year.  The more severe the wound.  There is also the possibility of getting a similar disease.


 The disease is mainly spread by animals such as dogs, cats, wolves, mongooses, and bats.  They get relief from this disease from other infected animals.  Animals suffering from this disease go crazy and their wounds enter the human body through the wound created by its bite.  Monkey cow buffalo and sheep goats etc. can also suffer from this disease.  But the risk of an outbreak of rabies is mostly from abandoned dogs.  The patient should be taken for treatment immediately after the animal is bitten.

 Symptoms of Rabies (Hydrophobia):

 Rabies disease in humans is called hydrophobia.  At the beginning of the disease, there are symptoms like headache, fatigue, mild fever, sore throat, etc., which can last for 4 days.  At the same time, there is pain and tingling in the bitten area of ​​the animal.  The patient then becomes nervous and agitated.  Sound, light, and cold are not tolerated by the patient.  The patient is afraid of the wind.  If the fan is fired on the face of the patient, there is a strange strain on the face and neck.  Muscle cramps occur as well as the pupil of the eye dilates.  Sweat comes a lot.  Saliva starts dripping as well as water comes out of the eye.  The patient becomes irritable.

 These symptoms are aggravated by drinking any fluid or water.  Trying to drink water causes a sore throat and after seeing water, he starts having problems.  If the water goes inside the mouth, the patient has a problem.  The mouth appears to be red, and blue.  The body starts shivering.  A large amount of water comes out of the mouth.  Breath moves fast.  The patient is also afraid of the sound of water.  The pupils of the eyes become wide.  Sometimes it has also been observed that the patient can drink other fluids as per the requirement except for water.  Body temperature ranges from 102 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  Mucus accumulates in the throat pipe, which the patient tries to release.  Saliva keeps dripping through the mouth.


 Initially, there is a severe burning sensation in the bitten part the bite of a mad dog and the patient becomes very fearful.  In some people, symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, fear, etc. are seen.  In this case, the pulse speed increases.  Do not apply for any medicine on the cut area immediately or if it is not cleaned with antiseptic medicine, then after some time black blood comes out from that part.  As such a person starts feeling more thirsty, has a headache fever, etc.  The patient has difficulty in breathing.  There may be heartache.  The patient runs away in fear and tries to hide in the dark. Sometimes symptoms of paralysis and seizures are also seen in the patient.  Very soon the patient bites like a mad dog.  The patient loses composure

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