Nasal Septum Deviation Symptoms and Causes

Nasal Septum Deviation Symptoms and Causes What is Nasal septum deviation?     When the wall between the two tubes of the nose slips to one side instead of being in the middle.  Due to this, the nose bone becomes crooked.  Because of this one nasal tube becomes larger than another.  If the nasal bone is severely curved, it closes one side of the nose.     There is a problem in breathing due to the closure of one side of the nose because the air reaches inside in small amounts—people who have severely crooked nose bones.  The interiors of their nostrils begin to dry up.  Sometimes blood comes out from the nose.  Due to the crooked nose, the tissues inside the nose get swollen, and the crust becomes solid inside the nose.  There is a risk of nasal congestion due to swelling inside the nose.  Causes of Nasal septum deviation :  In some babies, the nasal bone becomes crooked in the womb, which appears sometime after birth.  Due to severe injury to the nose, the nasal bone becomes crooked due to the sliding of the middle wall of the nose to one side.  The nasal bone can be bruised at birth in children.  This disease occurs even if there is any harm to the baby in the womb.  Sometimes some people also have crooked nose bones during physical development.  Some people have problems with breathing, they sleep with their faces to one side, due to which the nose bone can be crooked.

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