High Uric Acid Level : Causes and Symptoms

 What is increased uric acid?

 Increased uric acid in the body can lead to many serious diseases.  The increase of uric acid in the body has a bad effect on other organs.  Excess of uric acid can cause many problems like joint pain, swelling in the body, kidney disease, and obesity.  With increased uric acid, there is also a risk of fatal diseases like blood pressure, thyroid, and diabetes.  However, there is already some uric acid in the body, ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 milligrams per deciliter.  If the amount of uric acid is found to be higher than this, it is called a problem of high uric acid.  Uric acid is formed by the breakdown of proteins present in the body called purines.


 When the filtering capacity of the kidneys decreases, the urea present in the body starts converting to uric acid.  After which uric acid starts collecting between the bones.

 Reasons for increased uric acid:


 Insulin resistance.

 Excess iron in the body.

 High blood pressure

 High or low thyroid.

 Kidney failure.


 wrong diet.

 They are drinking alcohol in excess.

 To drink alcohol

 Certain medicines, especially medicines for heart disease.

 exposure to leads.

 Exposure to pesticides.

 Kidney disease.

 High blood pressure.

 High glucose in the blood.

 Low thyroid (hypothyroidism).


 Doing a lot of physical work.

 Symptoms of increased uric acid:

 If the amount of uric acid in the body starts increasing, then it causes pain in the legs and joints.  Also, pain is felt in the ankles.  Apart from this, swelling starts in the knots.  Apart from this, if you sit in one place for some time, then there is a sharp pain in the heels.  However, after some time it also becomes normal.

 Due to the increase in the amount of uric acid in the body, not only the feet, joints, and finger knots start to swell.  Apart from this, problems like high fever, excessive thirst, body tremors, and redness in the joints also start happening.

 Uric Acid?

 Uric acid is an organic compound made up of elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.  Its molecular formula is C5H4N4O3, and its molecular weight is 168 daltons.  Uric acid is a chemical produced in our body, which along with being made in the body also enters the body through food.  This acid reaches the kidneys through the blood, and after balancing it according to the body’s needs, the excess acid is expelled through urine.

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