Fatty Liver Symptoms and Causes

What is fatty liver?

 If you first understand what fatty liver is.  A large amount of fat accumulates in the liver cells.  It is normal for the liver to have some amount of fat, but the fatty liver disease occurs when the fat content is more than ten percent higher than the liver weight.  In such a condition the liver becomes unable to function normally and produces many symptoms.  After this, there is a need to treat fatty liver.


 Usually, its symptoms are seen at a late time but the accumulation of excess fat in the liver for a long time becomes harmful.  It is usually seen at the age of 40-60 years.  In Ayurveda, the relationship between fatty liver in Hindi has been told to bile, that is, liver disease is caused due to the contamination of bile and it is unable to perform its function properly.

 The contaminated bile itself gives rise to diseases such as the fatty liver.  Due to improper eating, toxic substances start accumulating in the liver, due to which the liver has to function more than normal.  Due to this, there is inflammation in the liver, which necessitates the treatment of fatty liver.


 Causes of fatty liver:

 The most common cause of fatty liver is excessive drinking or alcohol addiction.  Fatty liver problems are also seen in people who do not drink alcohol.  In these cases, doctors do not know what causes fatty liver.

 Fatty liver problems occur when the body makes too much fat or is unable to rapidly metabolize fat.  Excess fat is stored in liver cells, which leads to fatty liver disease.  There is little evidence of a direct fatty liver relationship with eating a diet that is high in fat or sugar, but such foods definitely contribute to it.

 Due to excessive obesity.

 Hyperlipidemia (high blood fat level)

 Due to diabetes problem.

 Rapid weight loss.

 Side effects of some medications, including aspirin, steroids, tamoxifen, and tetracycline.


 Symptoms of fatty liver:

 Some people get swollen livers, which increases the size of the stomach.  In such a situation, making the mistake of considering it obesity can put you in trouble.  If you have pain from time to time at that place, then see the doctor.

 Excessive fatigue, dry skin, and dark circles around the eyes are sometimes the result of liver failure.  In the case of liver weakness, the skin becomes damaged and lifeless, and there are hair problems.  In case of liver failure, the color of urine changes.  When this happens, the color of urine becomes darker.  Apart from this, symptoms of jaundice such as yellowing of the nails and the white part of the eyes are also included.  Even without fever, the taste of the mouth worsens and persistent bitterness can also be caused by liver failure.  Not only this, but due to excess ammonia due to liver malfunction, the stench also starts from the mouth.  If there is a problem of loss of appetite or problems like gas in the stomach and indigestion, then it is also considered a symptom of liver failure.  Along with this, there is also a burning sensation and heaviness in the chest.


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