Calotropis Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

Calotropis Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit.

Calotropis Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

 Aak (Madar) (Calotropis Q) – 

   Medicines made from Aak have been used in India for thousand years.  But Aak is a tough poisonous plant.  Therefore, a tincture has been prepared from the Aak plant, after drinking 1-2 drops of it mixed with water, syphilis, leprosy, slipped (legs become thick like elephant feet), chronic joint pain and many skin diseases are successfully removed.  can do.  In ancient books it has been written as vegetable mercury.  In America, Dr. Graham also made such patients of syphilis (Atashak) healthy with the tincture of Aak, who could not recover from mercury and medicines made from it and allopathic injections.  By widening the sting of snake and scorpion, allowing this medicine to enter and rub it and keep drinking this medicine, the world would be destroyed and the yogi would be saved from dying.  Immediately removes fever caused by lumps of mumps, inflammation of boils, purulent infection.  In the beginning, put 1-2 drops in water and give 1-1 teaspoon of this medicine after 3-4 hours.  Afterwards, keep drinking 1 to 3 drops mixed with some water.

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