Aethusa Cynapium 30 homeopathic medicine symptoms and benefits

Aethusa Cynapium 30 homeopathic medicine symptoms and benefits


 This drug is the friend of children and helps them with their many diseases.  When the child drinks milk.  Drinks and vomits completely.  If, for some time, he keeps the milk in his stomach, then after some time he vomits the frozen rash like curd like torn milk.  It has blue in color.  The weakness and fatigue he gets in vomiting.  He sleeps in a kind of sleep.  But after a while, he starts crying and crying after hunger, the mother gives him milk again, and he vomits again as before and if milk stays in the stomach for a while, he vomits like curd.  This happens for two reasons, either when the child has something bad or when his teeth are coming out.


 Children suffer from constipation sometimes with vomiting and sometimes yellow-colored diarrhea.  It is not necessary to have diarrhea, but it has been seen that children experience constipation or yellow-colored diarrhea along with vomiting.

 When the child vomits as soon as he drinks milk, he lays down after getting nauseous and after getting up again starts crying for milk, constipation, and yellow stools, then by doing his medicine, he complains of Hedge.  The child is in a dying condition.  In these complaints, Ithuja is the ultimate friend of the child.


 The student cannot read anything at the time of the examination.  Cannot do mental work.  Cannot focus on an idea.  The brain does not remain clean and experiences such a mental state.  When the mind cannot do anything else, no matter how much students try, the mind cannot accept anything.  What do the students who complain of not being able to concentrate, this medicine fixes all these problems?

 Aethusa benefits greatly from the spasms of children.  At the time of cramps, the child clenches a fist.  His eyes are down, his face turns red, and the mannequins dilate.  Foam comes out from the mouth, etc. It is a beneficial medicine for problems.  The patient complains of a fever.  Does not feel thirsty, heat is high.


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